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Mid Career Crises Aren’t Always Midway

My recent series of post on mid career challenges has resonated with a number of readers. But there’s another crucial moment we face towards the end of one’s career. When we’re nearing the point where we make plans for retirement, these issues flare up again. There’s no term for it, but late-career awareness can be […]
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Mid Career Crisis: Beware of the U-Curve

One of my coaching clients came to me complaining about a mid-career crisis: In spite of being promoted and having reached (by most standards) a comfortable degree of success and financial stability, he felt a gnawing sense of unhappiness. He loved his chosen profession and industry. But he questioned everything. Something was missing and didn’t […]
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Mid Career Change: 5 Signs You’re Ready

Have you ever had a mid career fantasy where you just quit and try something new? I’m intrigued by the article 5 Signs It’s Time for a New Job by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic in April’s Harvard Business Review. So many of my coaching clients, even those who are successful, secretly contemplate mid career shifts. They’re often […]
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