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5 Steps to Make Change Stick

As a leader, how effective are you with personal change management? Can you make change stick? What I’ve found is that one of the best ways to ensure successful habit change is to be clear about your reasons and priorities. This may seem easier said than done, even for the most successful leaders, because we’re […]
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Make Change Stick: Knowing Isn’t Enough

When it comes to personal change, like breaking or making a new habit, even the best leaders can struggle. It is difficult to make change stick. A hallmark of great leadership is adaptability and growth. I’ve written about this type of mindset, here. But changing habits—making changes stick—can be one of the hardest things to […]
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Build Self Awareness: Write Down Your Beliefs

I’ve been writing about self awareness, how to listen to your inner monologue, and how to improve the quality of your connections to others through self-knowledge. This next exercise builds on the previous exercise where you simply write down your inner monologue. It is a little harder because it requires you to pay attention to […]
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Leading in a VUCA World:
LeadershipTransformation First

How can leaders prepare for leadership in a VUCA world? That’s the term for a business environment full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. In order to lead organizational change, first leaders must engage in personal leadership transformation. There’s no doubt that doing business has changed rapidly just in the last five years, and there’s […]
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How Powerful Are Your Habits and Routines?

How much power do you have over your own habits and routines? Most of the choices we make each day feel like well-considered decisions. In reality, ingrained habits drive us to act. Research has shown that the average person has approximately 40,000 thoughts per day, but 95%  are the same ones experienced the day before. […]
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Stretch Goals: Bullet Train Thinking

Sometimes SMART goals aren’t enough. Most of the time organizations innovate and grow because of stretch goals. People in all industries and businesses from small to large global corporations love working with the SMART system to ensure goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. But simply focusing on SMART criterion doesn’t necessarily translate into […]
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The 4th Promise of Effective Leaders:
To Simply Lead Effectively

Effective leaders promise to lead effectively. To summarize some of the leadership gems in authors Robert J. Andersen and William A. Adams book Mastering Leadership, senior executives must fulfill the promises that are expected of all leaders: 1) set the direction for meaningful work, 2) engage commitment and accountability for performance, and 3) establish processes and […]
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Reinventing Work:
Putting Values and Purpose First

In my recent series of posts on reinventing work, I’ve been exploring both past and present organizational models. What new trends are emerging in how we manage people? Is there a better way than what we’re doing now? Some say we’re ready to change how we work. In particular, Frederic Laloux in the book  Reinventing […]
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Self-Management: Bringing the Whole Person to Work

I’ve been reading about self-managing companies who operate without a hierarchical pyramid. Frederic Laloux believes we can reinvent work for the future with a self-organizing organizational model. In Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness (Nelson Parker, 2014), Laloux calls this stage Evolutionary-Teal. Now, in the work I […]
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6 Creative Processes that Use Questions

I’ve been intrigued about the power of creative questions to spark problem-solving. Let’s explore some of the creative processes people use to find creative solutions: 4 Stages: Nearly a century ago, the British psychologist Graham Wallas proposed a four-stage process of creativity. In his 1926 book The Art of Thought, Wallas observed that creative solutions […]
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