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How to Speed Up Self-Awareness:
Listen to Your Self-Talk

It’s not always easy to uncover our blind spots and gain real self-awareness. One way is to write down your self-talk, using the exact words you use. Do this several times over the course of a week, and you’ll uncover a lot about how you think and perceive the world. This self-awareness exercise is more […]
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Self-Awareness: Listen to Your Inner Monologue

One of the hallmarks of an effective leader is self-awareness. Being self-aware helps us understand others, to be sensitive to blind spots, and gain trust and respect. But it’s one of the hardest qualities to build. I ran across a book that has some helpful suggestions: Leadership Step by Step: Becoming the Person Others Follow, […]
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How to Build and Expand Your Self-Awareness

How self-aware are you? Self awareness is one of the foundations of emotional intelligence and being able to lead others. I’ve been writing about the importance of knowing yourself well here. The key to building better self awareness is feedback. Have you asked others for feedback about yourself?
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Mental Toughness Starts with Self-Awareness

I’m intrigued by the concept of mental toughness because I believe many of us could use a little more of it. But don’t confuse toughness with being stubborn or oppositional. It’s a special quality that means sticking to your guns while being able to listen and reconsider options when needed. The key is to develop […]
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8 Questions to Gain Self-Awareness
through Leadership Crucibles

How can you gain self-awareness and discover the nuggets of wisdom contained in your leadership crucibles? How do you grow from adversity? It’s almost impossible to take stock of yourself and gain self-awareness without guidance from a trusted friend, mentor or coach. To be truly self-aware, you need someone to hold a mirror so you […]
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Born to Lead:
The Makings of a Great Leader

Do you have the makings of a great leader? The greatest leaders are those who have both innate leadership abilities, and developed abilities. A number of key leadership skills are learned or developed through experience, training or coaching. This is promising for many leaders who want to improve beyond their natural abilities and current skill […]
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Your Emotional Health Indicators

Anyone can allow emotions to override discernment or rational thinking. But if this becomes modus operandi, it’s time to check your emotional health indicators, before unfortunate things happen.
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The Role of Emotional Health in Leadership

The role of emotional health in leadership is crucial in today’s corporate environment. Leaders face a variety of pressures and expectations, and their responses vary, as do the personalities behind them. Ineffective or (worse) toxic cultures are a result of leaders who respond to trials in detrimental ways. Consistently effective management requires a high inner […]
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Overcome the Odds:
Master the Leadership Superpower of Perseverance

Even Superman had his struggles—Kryptonite, for one—but as the greatest executives, leaders and super heroes know, the best superpower to overcome the odds is perseverance As I wrote in my last post, perseverance can be learned and mastered if you make the commitment and accept the challenge. Learning means taking one small step to become […]
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Leadership Superpower of Perseverance:
Who Will Persevere?

I’ve been doing some reflecting on the leadership superpower of perseverance. I’ve met some pretty impressive leaders who have persevered against the odds. What makes them really stand out from the rest is their impact, without commanding the limelight or fanfare. Their energy and attitude are distinct—sometimes refreshing, sometimes demanding. I’ve also noticed that those […]
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