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Create a Culture of Trust:
Foster Positivity and Unity

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on future focused books, specifically what neuro-science reveals about social intelligence, the shifts (and disruptions) in technology and perspectives (“we” vs. “me”), and principles that underpin business and life. It’s pretty clear to me how leaders can create a culture of trust […]
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As a Leader, Are You For or Against Positivity?

Some executives assert that expressing positive emotions in the workplace denies the harsh realities of 21st-century business, in which everything is too fast-paced and competitive to dwell on people’s feelings. To some, an emphasis on positivity demotivates people to put in hard work and effort. As a leader, are you for or against positive thinking […]
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Why We Need to Manage with a 3:1 Positivity Ratio

I’m convinced that most leaders could improve their ability to inspire great work by communicating more positive emotions. When managers communicate appreciation for what’s working instead of focusing so much on what’s wrong, they get better results. There’s plenty of research to back this up (Fredrickson, Losada), but it’s also something smart parents use with […]
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Leadership Positivity: Yes, but…Productivity and Profits?

I read a study of CEOs that showed that positivity training could boost their productivity by 15 percent, and managers improved customer satisfaction by 42 percent. Positivity training programs have shown good results with tax auditors, investment bankers, and lawyers… and these are people who deal with a lot of negative emotions. Briefly, here’s what […]
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The Positivity Zone in High Performing Teams

Positivity has attracted the attention of scientists in the last 15 years because of its link to health, long-life and success. Apparently there’s more to “being positive” than just feeling good. When practiced in business teams, it produces bottom line results. There is a specific positivity zone in which teams excel. I’m reading about the […]
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Create a Culture of Trust:
The Power of Accountability

It may seem near impossible to create a culture of trust when organizational morale and engagement are lowered by people who can’t be counted on. They flame resentments and dissatisfaction throughout the organization. But can holding people personally accountable promote positivity, unity and build trust? There is a paradoxical truth in the power of accountability.
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Create a Culture of Trust:
Be the Standard-Bearer

Like it or not, as a leader you are the standard-bearer. You model the standards of integrity throughout the entire organization, so it’s important to recognize the values and expectations you are communicating through words, actions, policies and procedures. Where do you draw the lines on truthfulness, honesty and respectfulness? Is positivity expected?  If you […]
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Leadership Stress and Your Emotional Health

Everyone pays attention to the issues of emotional health when the stress gets so bad it starts to eat people up. It’s often only after the fact, when emotions interfere with their performance or someone becomes burned out.
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Employee Engagement Grows with Equality

Do you actively, and equally, engage all of your employees? Would they all agree? In my work as a coach, I have seen some of the best leaders destroy unity with favoritism. It’s easy to do, especially if you have not identified or acknowledged feelings of partiality to certain employees. (If you have trouble with […]
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Creating a Culture of Engagement

Do you have a culture of engagement in your organization? I wrote about measuring employee engagement in my last post, here. Adopting a philosophy that puts people first, strengthens engagement, provided it’s backed by actions. In my work as a coach, I’ve seen enthusiasm skyrocket when leaders create a positive environment, promote helpfulness, value their staff, and provide the resources necessary […]
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