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Four Leadership Personality
Types That Matter

From what I see in the organizations where I consult, there’s an urgent need to understand leadership personality. Today―and especially for the future―we need leaders who can engage the workforce, manage people, and inspire collaboration and innovation. Evaluation of leadership personality types is an essential part of the selection process for CEOs and top executives, […]
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Finding Leaders for the Future:
Leadership Personality Matters

Think about it. We are in the midst of great social, economic, scientific and political change. Intelligent approaches count more than ever if we’re to build sustainable results in rapidly changing, complex markets. The way leaders decide strategic plans is influenced by leaders’ personalities, priorities and worldview. Given the financial and societal impact of global […]
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Bad Bosses at the Office: 4 Common Personality Disorders

Not every bad boss is a psychopath or someone with a personality disorder (although some of the stories I hear certainly make me wonder.) Most bosses aren’t mentally ill in spite of what employees perceive as horrible behaviors. But the many stories people tell me as a coach lead me to believe we’re seeing a […]
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Are You a Quiet Boss?

I’ve been writing about the pros and cons of a quiet boss. While there are many benefits in working for or employing a quiet boss, the uncertainties and challenges are costly. Fortunately, those who understand the quiet personality can help quiet bosses adopt more effective approaches.
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How Your Leadership Vision Takes Root

Has your leadership vision taken root? I’ve met some pretty impressive leaders who have one thing in common: a strong vision. They understand the importance to properly establish an organization’s vision, and ensure that everyone within the organization understand it.
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Born to Lead:
Your Innate Leadership Abilities

Some people were born to lead. Their character lends itself to many of the behaviors expected of good leaders. Over the course of their lifetime, they have been told they are natural born leaders, displaying innate leadership abilities. But is that enough to successful lead an organization to greatness?
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Were You Born to Lead?

Were you born to lead? Perhaps a better question for leaders (current and emerging), is, if the required skills don’t come naturally for you, can they be learned?
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Develop and Leverage Employee Strengths – On Any Budget

One of the questions I am frequently asked is how to develop and leverage employee strengths on a limited budget. It’s really quite doable; most employees want to get better at what they do, to be stronger contributors, and more qualified to advance to greater responsibilities.
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An Organization Built on Strengths:
Creating Multi-discipline Teams

Have you noticed how people are often paired together because they are similar, rather than because of their diverse strengths? It really doesn’t make sense to me, when teams composed of individuals who vary in their strengths, skills and personalities, feed synergy and motivation. I have seen leaders achieve tremendous results by creating well–rounded, multi-discipline […]
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An Organization Built on Strengths

As a leader, have you noticed how employees who are encouraged to use their strengths are more interested in what they’re doing and apply themselves more fully? They are more productive, inspired, and loyal.
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