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5 Ways Leaders Can Reduce Negative Thinking

As if leaders don’t have enough on their plates, now we’re learning leadership success requires more positivity and less negativity. This isn’t as simple as it may seem, and it doesn’t come without well-documented studies. Research from Drs. Barbara Fredrickson and Marcial Losada shows that people go from average to flourishing when their positive emotions […]
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How an Executive Coach Helps:
4 Steps to Avoid Self-Sabotage Thinking

When faced with a challenge, you may be tempted to dwell on the barriers that stand in your way and use them as an excuse to defer action. But self-handicapping will prevent you from reaching your career goals. Working with an executive coach is one of the best ways to avoid self-sabotaging. In an October […]
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Business Success: Be More Positive than Negative

In business, levels of happiness and positivity create success. A positive brain has more intellectual resources. What’s needed is to improve your positive/negative ratio. I never knew this, but it makes sense: in chemistry and physics there is something called activation energy: in order to catalyze a reaction, there is an initial investment of energy […]
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Coaching Change: Use Negative Stories in a Good Way

Social scientists have shown us that negative messages are what gets people’s attention. Bad is stronger than good, when it comes to getting people to listen. But without being a fear-monger or doomsayer, how can we effectively use negativity to encourage change? I’m a big believer in the power of stories for getting people to […]
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Overturn Negativity:
Reframe and Restructure

I’ve been writing about negative thinking and how to overturn negativity. (If you missed these posts, you can view them here.) Your first steps are to observe and assess thoughts and responses to identify negative thinking.
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Overturn Negativity:
Observe and Assess

Negativity affects everything and everyone. Negative thinking can be a pervasive handicap, but as I shared in my last post, it is possible to overturn negativity.
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4 Steps to Overturn Negativity

Is there a problem in your organization with negativity? I think we all can agree: a leader with a negative mindset is toxic to organizations. In their view, efforts are rarely good enough, things just don’t ever seem to go right, plans will likely fail, people are unreliable, and/or problems are beyond fixing. If you […]
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What to Do When Reality Hits Hard

Reality sucks, especially on TV. If it’s not the traumatic news reports, it’s adversarial competitions that encourage rage. Contestants are regularly voted off the island, fired from apprentice jobs and judged to be lacking in any discernible talent. In “real life,” serious disappointments are likewise bitter pills to swallow. Many of us have endured significant […]
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Resilience for Executives, Teams and US Army Soldiers

A key factor in high achievement is resilience, the ability to bounce back from low points. Long-term winners and long-term losers face the same problems, but they respond differently. Many of the smart people I work with and coach have ingrained habits for responding to problems. Some of these reactions to mistakes are so automatic, […]
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What is Genuine Leadership Humility?

I’ve been writing on the topic of genuine leadership humility—but what, exactly, is it? True humility is a response of noble character, based on a choice to regard the needs of others ahead of one’s own. At its heart, humility is characterized by a desire to serve and dedication to bettering others. It isn’t something […]
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