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Leading Wisely with Your Values

Are you leading wisely with your values? Successful leaders who follow their values are seen as authentic, and are appreciated because they’re genuine and trustworthy. I know, because I see it in the executives and leaders I work with. They set a vision based on value-oriented choices and hone in on a path for the […]
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Lead Beyond Your Authority:
Challenge the Status Quo

When you lead beyond your authority, the toughest test you may face is challenging the system. I’ve been writing about how to lead beyond your authority in recent posts. Your success depends on how well you influence and inspire others. You see, by questioning the status quo, you insinuate that change is needed.
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Lead Beyond Your Authority:
Be a Worthy Leader

When you lead beyond your authority, it’s critical to demonstrate that you are consistently reliable, trustworthy and respectable. Anyone you are attempting to lead will expect this; noble leaders naturally exude these attributes.
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Leading with Purpose: Linking People to Purpose and Passion

Are you leading with purpose? Most leaders I know are full of passion. They don’t understand why their workforce isn’t. Why don’t employees really care more? Many are frustrated by attempts to bring out the passion and sense of purpose in their workforce. It’s no secret: people who are intrinsically motivated for their own sense […]
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4 Questions about Your Leadership Stories

In my previous posts, I’ve been reviewing the importance of leadership development through the refinement of leadership stories of adversity, often called crucibles. Leaders become transformed; they’re more authentic when they teach others through the hard lessons they’ve learned. Leaders often begin their careers with a strong drive to achieve and succeed. They focus on […]
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5 Key Leadership Values: Which Ones Do You Have?

According to Warren Bennis, co-author with Joan Goldsmith of Learning to Lead,  a Workbook on Becoming a Leader, there are five key leadership values of outstanding leaders: Clear communication Ethical practices Diversity Ongoing recognition and support Participatory empowerment Bennis is sometimes called the founder of authentic leadership. He was a pioneer in developing leadership studies. […]
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Great Leaders: Was Steve Jobs Good at Leading?

What makes a great leader? Think about the leaders of Apple, Amazon and Southwest Airlines. You can probably name them: Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Herb Kelleher. Next, try to name the leaders of General Motors, TiVo and AOL… right, I’d have to go look them up too. Most senior leaders are highly qualified, experienced […]
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Leading Gen Y: 3 Lessons for a Meaningful Career

As a leader, what three suggestions would you give to Gen Y people about living a truly meaningful life? Beyond making a living, what would you tell someone are the keys to creating a worthwhile career? I think it starts with answering the same question for yourself. What do you need to be doing to […]
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Leadership Proficiency: How Clear Is Your Thinking?

If you want to become a better leader or manager, how do you go about it? I’m not talking about technical skills. I’m talking about ways to improve your personal proficiency, so that you become a better leader of the people in your organization. It seems some people are naturally predisposed to have personal insights […]
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Leadership Competencies: Know Yourself

In some ways leaders are going to have to become more personally transparent in the coming decade. They must communicate personal proficiency. They need to know themselves well, and not be hesitant to admit reality. Hiding behind your title or office or your reputation doesn’t work, and I doubt whether it ever did. Nor does […]
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