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3 Creative Questions that Spark Innovations

I’ve been exploring creative questions and the creative processes innovators use to spark ideas. The ability to ask “why” has sparked innumerable innovations. Author and journalist Warren Berger writes about this in A More Beautiful Question, a fascinating book illuminating the power of questions that lead to innovations. He outlines a framework of three sequential […]
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Human Interactions:
The Key to Successful Innovations

Don’t overlook the value of simple human interactions and social relations in your company if you want your people to innovate. Successful innovations are novel, non-obvious, and useful — all commonsense criteria and requirements for a patent. To stimulate new thinking, you need to foster intuitions and insights, as I’ve been posting about. The more […]
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Innovation: Putting Ideas and Plans to Work

In these last blog posts, I’ve been writing about how to take a great idea through the innovation development process. Best practices for innovation suggest four distinct phases: Discover opportunities.  Organize ideas into plans or pilot projects. Assess, test and learn from ideas. Execute. After completing the testing, learning and revising phases, put your plans […]
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Innovation: What Mike Tyson says about Great Ideas

Some recently published books on innovation suggest that a great idea is a good starting point for finding growth opportunities, but it’s not enough. In fact, innovation experts suggest your first idea is usually wrong in some meaningful way. Authors such as Clayton Christensen, Scott D. Anthony and Tom Kelley say to use your first […]
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Leaders Must Face the Enemies of Innovation

Innovation isn’t limited to R&D units, marketing departments or special committees. Everyone should adopt an innovation mindset because ideas can come from any corner of the organization. Yet for many leaders, this requires an adjustment or two. While it’s easy to encourage people to come up with innovative ideas, most leaders must face the enemies […]
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Leaders: 3 Questions to Ask About Innovation

Innovation is a timely thing. Leaders are expected to know when and how to change strategies, usually betting on the future before it’s certain. However, whenever start-ups clobber big companies, the writing is often already on the wall. Everything looks fine — until the day it doesn’t. Will your business be ready before that day […]
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The Innovation Paradox: a Leadership Problem

Staying ahead of the innovation curve can be tricky. When’s the best time to implement change? Before you need to do so. In this world of accelerating product and technology developments, the way you do your job today is far different from when you first started out. Business in the 21st century is continuously reinvented […]
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Disruptive Innovation: In 5 Years, Will Your Business
Be Alive and Thrive?

When does an innovation become disruptive? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what business is going to be like in five, ten years. Think about it, who could have imagined even five years ago how we’d be using social media sites and mobile devices in our day-to-day work? We’re all still trying to figure […]
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Management Innovation, Gen Y Style

What innovations to management would Gen Y’s make if they were in charge? I ran across an interesting HBR blog entry, Letting Gen Y Lead a Management Makeover by Vineet Nayar, about a business school contest where students are given a chance to reinvent management and organizations of the future. Some of the submitted ideas […]
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Open Source Innovation & Weird Ideas that Work

Self-managed volunteer hackers pool their skills every day on the Internet. Thousands of solo programmers compete to build software that’s bought by companies with whom they have little or no contact. Open sourcing has sparked a new way of innovating, even in more traditional industries. It involves recruiting ideas from outside the company: from customers, […]
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