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Great WAYPOINT Goals:
5 Ways to Change a Habit

The best laid plans—and WAYPOINT goals—are no good if we don’t put new behaviors into play. We need to override old habits to change a habit. The problem is that although we think we’re in charge, so much of what we do is directed by our subconscious beliefs. A Duke University study says that at […]
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How to Set WAYPOINT Goals

Sometimes setting a SMART goal isn’t enough. What I’ve found in coaching scores of high functioning business people is that goals need to be genuinely relevant, engaging and personal. That’s how I came up with setting WAYPOINT goals. A WAYPOINT statement will be: Written— You are taking the time to write down the WAYPOINT for […]
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Set Goals with WAYPOINTs

A WAYPOINT is something akin to a goal. It is different in that goals have finite end points. WAYPOINTs recognize that life goes on past the completion of one goal. You will set another WAYPOINT to take you in new and ever more satisfying directions. Getting to a WAYPOINT that you set for yourself recognizes […]
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What Truly Matters

I’m been writing about SMART goals, Stretch goals, and different systems that work when it comes to being focused, productive and more importantly, on task for what truly matters to you. Most people are familiar with SMART criterion: Specific – target a specific area for improvement. Measurable – quantify or at least suggest an indicator […]
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Stretch Goals: Bullet Train Thinking

Sometimes SMART goals aren’t enough. Most of the time organizations innovate and grow because of stretch goals. People in all industries and businesses from small to large global corporations love working with the SMART system to ensure goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. But simply focusing on SMART criterion doesn’t necessarily translate into […]
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The Inner Game of Goals:
When SMART Goals Don’t Work

Just about everyone I encounter my work with organizations is familiar with and has used some version of SMART goals. This is a mnemonic acronym for setting goals that are: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time bound Using the SMART system makes it easier for anyone to stay on track and accomplish key success factors. There […]
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5 Learning Goals: The QUEST for Growth

I’ve worked with successful sales people who are focused, goal-driven, and results-oriented. And occasionally I’ve worked with extraordinarily successful sales people who outshine all others. The difference? Extraordinary sales people set both performance goals and learning goals. Not only do they want to achieve a sale, but they consider it their job to learn from […]
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Top 10 Sites to Track your Goals Online

I’ve been writing how to get your goals lately, here and here, and in particular about setting big, hairy audacious goals (BHAGS). Those are the kinds of goals that are exciting and challenging and they create a lot of energy. BHAGS are also the hardest to complete, because we often aren’t prepared for the difficulties […]
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How Your Goals Get SMARTER

How can you set smarter goals? If you’re going to spend your time, money, and efforts in pursuit of a worthy goal, make sure you write out your goals in some detail. People who excel at goal completion set themselves up for success. Many use the SMARTER goal setting system. “Personal success and organizational success […]
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Effective TEAMS Work Well with Thematic Goals

From what I see in the work I do in organizations, a key to success for effective teamwork lies in a clearly defined foundation. Team members work together better when they have a compelling reason to do so. Patrick Lencioni in  Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Jossey-Bass, 2005) advises team members to identify […]
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