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Friends at Work:
A Leader’s Guide to Self-Disclosure

For people to become friends at work, it’s not enough to talk shop—both people need to share personal details about themselves. But how much is enough, or too much? As any relationship between two people grows, the level of self-disclosure needs to grow.
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Friends at Work:
Three Types of Friendships

Many of us have friends at work, while others, including leaders and C-level executives, seem to struggle making friends in a workplace environment.  Why is that?
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Great Leaders Make Friends at Work

Great leaders who have friends at work certainly seem to have more fun on the job. But did you know that leaders with workplace friendships make better decisions, are more engaged in work, more committed, and productive?
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From Obsessive Workaholic to Balanced Human Being

Do you feel as if you’re constantly playing catch up? Are fears of falling behind (or pressures to remain competitive) leading to more work hours? You’re not alone: in my work as a coach, my clients tell me they are often like workaholics, working long hours and at home nights and weekends, just to stay […]
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Obsessive Workaholic?
5 Tips for Better Balance

Does your organization (or manager) encourage obsessive work habits? It’s not surprising. Much to the detriment of our health and well-being, many societies encourage, and even celebrate this type of behavior. Being a “workaholic” has become a badge of honor, one that unfortunately describes too many of today’s working people.
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How Leaders Are Hiring for Passion at Work

As I said in my previous post here, if leaders want to fire up passion at work, it all starts with a clear and meaningful purpose. Having a purpose gets people to do the right things, and then passion motivates them to give extraordinary performance. To put it bluntly, the most important task for any […]
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Autopilot at Work: 3 More Ways to Wake Up Your Brain

In my last two posts here and here, I talk about becoming more mindful. We need to take ourselves off autopilot and wake up our brains. Most of us organize our work tasks with to-do lists in order to prioritize and focus on getting done what matters most. But the danger is that we focus […]
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Happiness at Work Leads to High Performance

From what I’ve been reading lately (The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor), our brains are literally hardwired to perform best when they’re positive. Yet how many of us hunker down with grit and determination when we’ve got important tasks to accomplish? Maybe we need to laugh and smile more. For example, doctors who are put in […]
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How to Build a Network – fast!

When I began my coaching, speaking and writing business, we had just moved to Charlotte, North Carolina from Los Angeles. We knew only five people in Charlotte and two were the realtors, the builder,  his rep, and the lawyer who closed the deal. We moved 2500 miles from our network of friends and associates and […]
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The Box and the Bucket: Metaphors for Managing

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how many times a day I give positive feedback as opposed to negative. If you’ve ever tried to track the number of times a day you say or do something, you know how hard it is! It’s bringing up memories of other times I’ve seriously taken a look […]
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