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The Case for Emotional Intelligence in Leaders

Should we be concerned about how a leader’s emotional intelligence shows up (or not)? After reading the Steve Job biography, I’ve become curious about the impact of a leader’s style on business results. I’ve been hearing about EI/EQ for a long time, and my assessment partner has a set of EQ instruments that I’ve investigated. […]
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In Search of High Emotional Intelligence in CEOs

Who’s on your list of emotionally intelligent CEO’s, and more importantly, why do you put them on the list? I recently asked the first part of the question over on LinkedIn Questions, and got some really good responses. However, they were just names. I am curious why you choose the CEOs. What is it about […]
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Top CEOs for Emotional Intelligence: Who’s on Your List?

Who’s on your list of top CEOs and leaders when it comes to emotional intelligence? An interesting article by Chip Conley on the Huffington Post names the following 10 leaders based on their emotional savvy and explains why: 1. Jeff Bezos ( With his quirky laugh and self-deprecating style, Bezos doesn’t sound like a Fortune […]
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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Results

In pondering the issues of leadership and Steve Jobs, the subject of emotional intelligence comes up. Is passion and creativity enough to lead a company to lasting success? Is “genius” enough when it comes to leadership? Perhaps a better question is to ask, “Why do we follow/work for egocentric, immature and emotionally disconnected people?” Other […]
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Conversational Intelligence: Is There Such a Thing?

Is there such a thing as conversational intelligence? It could be that some leaders are naturally more adept at the art of conversation. It’s certainly true that we all could improve our ability to engage and influence others through conversations. “Human beings are the most highly social species on this planet. When we succeed in […]
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Leadership Intelligence: Is There Such a Thing?

I was grazing over on Amazon on the lookout for fresh perspectives on leadership. I noticed that along side of Judith E. Glaser’s excellent book on Conversational Intelligence, was a new title, Personal Intelligence. Is this a trend? Daniel Goleman could have started it 20 years ago with his books on Emotional Intelligence. You can’t […]
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Emotional Hijacks at Work: Beware the Tiger

Most of the books I read about the brain and emotional intelligence talk about an emotional or amygdala hijacking, which is what you see when the boss loses it and goes on a rant. It’s not pretty, and almost always makes the hijacker look pretty stupid. The amygdala is the brain’s radar for threat. It […]
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Born to Lead:
The Makings of a Great Leader

Do you have the makings of a great leader? The greatest leaders are those who have both innate leadership abilities, and developed abilities. A number of key leadership skills are learned or developed through experience, training or coaching. This is promising for many leaders who want to improve beyond their natural abilities and current skill […]
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Management and Leadership:
The Best Blend

As a business administrator, do you have the best blend of management and leadership skills? After reviewing the distinctions between managers and leaders, should we assume that one administrative model is superior to the other? Should you adopt a purely managerial or leadership model?
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Countering Egotistic Leadership:
Taking Ground Back

Egotistic leadership can be countered. But it takes a deliberate effort on the part of leaders to refocus and see things from a wider view. Trained coaches are an excellent resource to guide leaders to a helpful perspective. In some cases, a leader can only make progress on becoming less egotistical through working with an experienced […]
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