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Can You Detect a Consensus Leadership Mindset?

Can you detect a consensus leadership mindset? Your employees can. Working for a consensus-minded leader certainly has its advantages, but I’ve seen many problems arise when leaders succumb to consensus driven leadership.
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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Consensus Leadership

Do you favor consensus leadership? If you’re anything like the employees I talk to, you do. Most people will say they prefer consensus-run organizations, where a leader uses inclusion and feedback to manage democratically. Who wouldn’t? Especially if you think of the alternative tyrant or dictator who issues stern orders. A consensus-style leader is a refreshing alternative! […]
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Developing Leaders:
From Reactive to Creative Mindset

If we’re going to do a better job of developing leaders, we must understand adult developmental stages, or how people grow their mental capacities as they mature. I’m not referring to how we acquire more knowledge or skills. How do leaders expand their awareness, consciousness, and ability to understand and manage complexity? How do leaders […]
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4 Misperceptions About Self-Management

I’m starting to open my eyes to new models for organizations. In my work as a consultant to businesses, it’s clear that each time we solve a problem of people working together, we create others in its wake. Corporations are getting ever more complicated. One thing I keep reading and asking about is this: Is […]
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Do You Have a Leadership Conversational Style?

What’s your leadership conversational style? I’m learning more about the fine art of leadership conversations in Judith E. Glaser’s book, Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust & Get Extraordinary Results. If you’re a leader, you know how important it is to be able to influence others, inspire them to take action, and drive business […]
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5 Key Leadership Values: Which Ones Do You Have?

According to Warren Bennis, co-author with Joan Goldsmith of Learning to Lead,  a Workbook on Becoming a Leader, there are five key leadership values of outstanding leaders: Clear communication Ethical practices Diversity Ongoing recognition and support Participatory empowerment Bennis is sometimes called the founder of authentic leadership. He was a pioneer in developing leadership studies. […]
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Leadership Inquiry: Ask, Don’t Tell

Leadership inquiry may be the key to leading today’s knowledge work force. How can leaders and managers bring out the best in their people? With today’s interdependent work teams it’s not enough to give instructions about how to do jobs. More is required for leaders who wish to engage collaborative partnerships for high performance. “Carpenters […]
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Management Innovation, Gen Y Style

What innovations to management would Gen Y’s make if they were in charge? I ran across an interesting HBR blog entry, Letting Gen Y Lead a Management Makeover by Vineet Nayar, about a business school contest where students are given a chance to reinvent management and organizations of the future. Some of the submitted ideas […]
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Effective Followers: 4 Qualities to Strive For

Robert E. Kelley, in his landmark article for Harvard Business Review, “In Praise of Followers” (1988), describes the behaviors that lead to effective followership. Even though this was written over 20 years ago, the concepts are still relevant for anyone wanting to be more successful at their job. I find that in the new flatter […]
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Leadership Styles: It Takes Two to Tango

I’ve been doing some research on leadership styles and came across an interesting video on tango and leadership. It’s made by  Ira Chaleff, who wrote a book about the other side of leadership: The Courageous Follower. I think the dance of tango is a good metaphor for the close interaction between leaders and followers, and […]
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