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8 Questions to Gain Self-Awareness
through Leadership Crucibles

How can you gain self-awareness and discover the nuggets of wisdom contained in your leadership crucibles? How do you grow from adversity? It’s almost impossible to take stock of yourself and gain self-awareness without guidance from a trusted friend, mentor or coach. To be truly self-aware, you need someone to hold a mirror so you […]
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Extracting Wisdom from Your Leadership Crucibles

The ability to extract wisdom from challenging experiences distinguishes successful leaders from their broken or burned-out peers. It’s what transforms leaders into authentic leaders. Difficult and, in some cases, career- or life-threatening events are called leadership crucibles. They are trials and tests — points of deep self-reflection that force you to question who you are […]
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Leadership Superpower of Perseverance:
Who Will Persevere?

I’ve been doing some reflecting on the leadership superpower of perseverance. I’ve met some pretty impressive leaders who have persevered against the odds. What makes them really stand out from the rest is their impact, without commanding the limelight or fanfare. Their energy and attitude are distinct—sometimes refreshing, sometimes demanding. I’ve also noticed that those […]
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Leadership Resilience:
From Setback to Success

How strong is your leadership resilience? As a leader, do you respond well in the face of adversity, looking for opportunities to go from setback to success? Responses to setbacks or crises not only test leadership character, they define it. Your reaction in times of adversity reveals your leadership effectiveness.
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4 Questions about Your Leadership Stories

In my previous posts, I’ve been reviewing the importance of leadership development through the refinement of leadership stories of adversity, often called crucibles. Leaders become transformed; they’re more authentic when they teach others through the hard lessons they’ve learned. Leaders often begin their careers with a strong drive to achieve and succeed. They focus on […]
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Leadership Stories: Buried Treasures

I’ve seen this many times in the work I do as a coach: Someone shares their leadership story, but it’s a watered down version. Mistakes are minimized. Success is underlined. I suggest that when leaders do this, they aren’t harnessing their full story to its teaching potential. It’s inherently difficult for us to reflect on […]
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In Search of Leadership Gold

One thing I’ve seen extraordinary leaders do is teach others through their own leadership stories of transformation. Some leaders do this well; others end up sounding pedantic or – worse – ego-centric. I believe one of the untapped resources a leader has for teaching others valuable lessons is his or her life story and the […]
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