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Executive Presence: Why Don’t We Express Core Values More Frequently?

There are several reasons why I believe there’s so much emphasis on improving one’s executive presence. Partially, it has something to do with companies decentralizing. So many middle managers have been eliminated, in favor of work teams that are quasi-self-governing. Everyone is being trained to step-up and motivate others. Everyone is encouraged to be a […]
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Purpose, Strengths, Values: Defining Your Leadership Core

Do you have a clear sense of what makes you tick? By that I mean do you know what your “why” is, why it is that you do what you do? Over the course of a person’s career, many things change, including where one works and what one does for a living. I’ve held seemingly […]
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How Values Impact Your Leadership Success

The problem with reminding people about core values, and how they impact your leadership success, is that it often comes across as preaching or judgmental. But given the trend in headlines, the question remains: How could so many smart people get it wrong?
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Your Values Determine How You Lead

Leadership starts in the mind and with your most worthy intentions and core values. Your values—your personal principles— direct your thoughts, priorities, preferences, and actions. The aspects of life that you value shape your character, which determines how you do everything. Your values determine how you lead. Unfortunately, many leaders haven’t identified their values and often […]
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Corporate Engagement :
Values, Passion and Stupid Boss Tricks

I’m asking if small businesses and privately-held companies might do a better job motivating people than corporate engagement efforts. Smaller companies seem to excel at motivating people  through values, passion and commitment. The lack of employee engagement in large companies everywhere is a real management issue. Employees in the 21st century, and their bosses as […]
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Where Are the Engaged Employees
with Passion, Commitment and Values?

Where can you find more engaged employees? It seems to me that people working in privately held companies and small businesses are more likely to be values-driven, impassioned and committed than those in corporations. But that’s just my experience. I can’t find any research on this. What do you think? I’m often consulting and coaching […]
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Business Ethics and Values: What Now?

In taking a step back to look at what’s happening with business ethics and values, what do we need to remember for the future? What lessons have we learned from the 2008 financial recession? It is good to remind ourselves that what matters most now is what’s always mattered: our bedrock values. ~ Gary Hamel, […]
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Is Your Leadership Vision Alive and Thriving?

Is your leadership vision alive and thriving? I love to see business leaders embark on their role with great enthusiasm and expectations. They set out to make a difference and craft a success story. Fueled by their freedom to create, leaders draft mission and vision statements to frame their organization’s purpose. Their mission statements define their […]
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Better Business Principles for 2018

We’re quickly approaching another new year; where will you prioritize your energies to shape your business in 2018? How will you apply your business principles? If you’re like most leaders, you take a bit of time to review, reflect and renew during this holiday season. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend Gary Hamel’s book, What Matters Now: […]
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How to Set WAYPOINT Goals

Sometimes setting a SMART goal isn’t enough. What I’ve found in coaching scores of high functioning business people is that goals need to be genuinely relevant, engaging and personal. That’s how I came up with setting WAYPOINT goals. A WAYPOINT statement will be: Written— You are taking the time to write down the WAYPOINT for […]
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