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Conflict Resolution:
5 Best Practices for Leaders

  As a leader, what are your best practices in conflict resolution? Let me ask you this: How much time do you spend putting out fires, particularly interpersonal ones? If you’re anything like the leaders I work with, it’s probably in the ball park of 20%. That may feel like a lot, but consider the […]
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Conflict Resolution at Work:
What’s Your Goal?

Diverse perspectives are beneficial for organizations. They challenge tunnel vision and the status quo, and promote learning and innovation. When issues are constructively debated, new solutions emerge. But too often I have seen organizations with opposing points of view turn to unhealthy conflict. What’s worse, many leaders are ill-prepared for effective conflict resolution.
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Conflict Resolution:
How the Best Leaders Measure-up

When I see conversations escalate into conflict, I don’t have to look far to see competition, egos and rivalries in action. That’s not to say that competition is a bad thing; far from it. Innovation and positive change often begin with those who refuse to “go along to get along.” But when healthy debate turns […]
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When Team Conflicts Are Ignored

When teams avoid conflict at all costs, it impedes their effectiveness. A survey found that 91 percent of high-level managers believe teams are the key to success. But the evidence doesn’t always support this assertion. Many teamwork-related problems remain hidden from view, including fear of conflict, the second dysfunction of Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions […]
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Office Conflict: When Good Arguments Go Bad

“When conflict is ignored– especially at the top– the result will be an enterprise that competes more passionately with itself than with its competitors.”— Howard M. Guttman, When Goliaths Clash, 2003. As leaders, we spend an inordinate amount of time putting out fires, particularly interpersonal ones. A manager may spend 20 percent of his or […]
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Can You Detect a Consensus Leadership Mindset?

Can you detect a consensus leadership mindset? Your employees can. Working for a consensus-minded leader certainly has its advantages, but I’ve seen many problems arise when leaders succumb to consensus driven leadership.
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Are You a Quiet Boss?

I’ve been writing about the pros and cons of a quiet boss. While there are many benefits in working for or employing a quiet boss, the uncertainties and challenges are costly. Fortunately, those who understand the quiet personality can help quiet bosses adopt more effective approaches.
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Dealing with Leadership Consensus Dependency

You don’t have to look far to see the signs of leaders who aren’t comfortable dealing with disputes. Unfortunately, this only reinforces consensus dependency.
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Toxic Leadership: In Search of Prevention

What can organizations do to prevent toxic leadership? I’ve been doing some reading and sharing on bad bosses and toxic leaders. Perhaps what’s needed is a counterintuitive approach. Instead of dwelling on toxic behaviors’ destructive impact, consultants and coaches can work with people to create early awareness of dysfunctions. When toxicity is identified early on, […]
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