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Life Plan: Use a 7-Step Business Planning Model

When working with clients on personal development goals, I often suggest doing a life plan. You can use a classic business strategic planning model to map out your life plan. Here are seven-steps to get you started. Purpose: Identify your purpose (mission statement). Describe your life’s focus. If you’re young and just entering adulthood, this […]
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The Problem with Measuring
Employee Engagement

With so many organizations focusing on Employee Engagement, why aren’t engagement levels across the world increasing? The Gallup Organization has published many annual reports based on their global workforce surveys. Everyone assumes a shared meaning for the concept of engagement, but there is little agreement in how to improve it. Let’s look deeper. David Mizne […]
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Pros and Cons of the Quiet Boss

Effective bosses know it’s sometimes best to leave people alone. When you ask frequent questions you interrupt people’s work. It’s annoying and ineffective. But bosses who are too hands-off create uncertainty and unanticipated challenges. I wrote about this in my last post, here. There are many pros and cons of the quiet boss.
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Management and Leadership:
The Best Blend

As a business administrator, do you have the best blend of management and leadership skills? After reviewing the distinctions between managers and leaders, should we assume that one administrative model is superior to the other? Should you adopt a purely managerial or leadership model?
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Leadership Give and Take:
The Paradoxical Truth

When it comes to leadership give and take, are you a “taker,” or a “giver?” Western leaders have been conditioned for generations to believe that the way to advance is to claim as much as possible, to take more than you give. Many leaders make personal gain the objective of business life, and almost any means […]
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5 Levels of Leadership:
From Expert to Synergist

My previous posts about 5 levels of leadership were based on what I’ve been reading in Mastering Leadership by Anderson and Adams. There are many other theorists and authors that propose five levels of leadership development. What’s key to understanding is that in order to develop as a leader, one must grow one’s level of […]
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10 Reasons for Managers to
Use Coaching Conversations

In spite of all the coach training, some managers are still cautious about shifting to coaching conversations when it comes to boosting productivity and performance with people. After all, what’s worked in the past has served them well enough. Without going in to all the statistical ROI studies on the benefits of coaching, let’s look […]
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Stretch Goals: Bullet Train Thinking

Sometimes SMART goals aren’t enough. Most of the time organizations innovate and grow because of stretch goals. People in all industries and businesses from small to large global corporations love working with the SMART system to ensure goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. But simply focusing on SMART criterion doesn’t necessarily translate into […]
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The Inner Game of Goals:
When SMART Goals Don’t Work

Just about everyone I encounter my work with organizations is familiar with and has used some version of SMART goals. This is a mnemonic acronym for setting goals that are: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time bound Using the SMART system makes it easier for anyone to stay on track and accomplish key success factors. There […]
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A Brief History of Organizations

I’ve been reviewing concepts in an interesting book that looks at the history of organizations. I believe that if we’re going to find better ways of working together in organizations, we’ll need to revise the assumptions that we’ve been using for managing people. Author Frederic Laloux looks at stages of organizational development throughout human history, […]
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