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Business Failures: How Do We Learn from Mistakes?

I recently read an interesting HBR article called Strategies for Learning from Failure, by Amy C. Edmondson (April 2011). The author states that ineffective beliefs about failure inhibits managers from learning from mistakes. “The attitudes and activities required to effectively detect and analyze failures are in short supply in most companies, and the need for […]
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Business Decisions: Is There a Gorilla on the Court?

When you’re charged with making important business decisions, how good are you at noticing all details? If you play a sport, you’ve probably trained yourself to watch the ball carefully and to predict where it’s going. But do you focus so intently you miss other important data? In several popular YouTube videos, people are entertained […]
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Dysfunctional Teams Lack Commitment

Dysfunctional teams cannot be blamed for all business failures, but they play a major role in unsuccessful projects and missed goals. In his acclaimed bestseller, organizational consultant Patrick Lencioni identifies The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Absence of trust Fear of conflict Lack of commitment No accountability Lack of attention to results No team functions […]
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Can We Really Fix Dysfunctional Teams?

Organizations waste vast amounts of time, effort and money each year by failing to recognize or correct dysfunctional teams. In spite of dismal success rates, many leaders fail to fix dysfunctional teams. A PricewaterhouseCoopers study of 200 global companies across various sectors―involving more than 10,000 projects―found less than 3% successfully completed their plans. Similar research […]
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Leading with Self Confidence:
Growth Mindset Required

Self confidence is a key ingredient to leadership success but too much can lead one astray if not grounded in reality. The history of great business failures is littered with over-confident leaders who believed they were immune to risk. Without authentic confidence, leaders can’t create outstanding business results. I’d say leading with confidence is a […]
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Early Detection of Toxic Leaders

How can you tell if your organization has toxic leaders? While signs of manipulation and lack of empathy are obvious, often nobody speaks up until it’s too late. Toxic leaders have been responsible for numerous horrific business failures in the last few decades: Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling at Enron, Dennis Kozlowski at Tyco International […]
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What to Do When Reality Hits Hard

Reality sucks, especially on TV. If it’s not the traumatic news reports, it’s adversarial competitions that encourage rage. Contestants are regularly voted off the island, fired from apprentice jobs and judged to be lacking in any discernible talent. In “real life,” serious disappointments are likewise bitter pills to swallow. Many of us have endured significant […]
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What is Genuine Leadership Humility?

I’ve been writing on the topic of genuine leadership humility—but what, exactly, is it? True humility is a response of noble character, based on a choice to regard the needs of others ahead of one’s own. At its heart, humility is characterized by a desire to serve and dedication to bettering others. It isn’t something […]
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Lack of Self Confidence: What’s Stopping You?

No one—not even the most outwardly self-assured leader—is immune from periods of self-doubt and lack of self confidence. In fact, sometimes doubt can be healthy when it acts as an internal check. People with healthy self confidence are more adept at managing their inner experiences and better at learning from mistakes and failures. Their self […]
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Narcissistic Leadership or Visionary?

There’s a case to be made for narcissistic CEOs who can lead companies to greatness, inspire followers and achieve game-changing solutions in our rapidly changing world. “It is narcissistic leaders who take us to places we’ve never been before, who innovate, who build empires out of nothing.” ~ Michael Maccoby, Narcissistic Leaders: Who Succeeds and […]
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