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An Organization Built on Strengths:
Creating Multi-discipline Teams

Have you noticed how people are often paired together because they are similar, rather than because of their diverse strengths? It really doesn’t make sense to me, when teams composed of individuals who vary in their strengths, skills and personalities, feed synergy and motivation. I have seen leaders achieve tremendous results by creating well–rounded, multi-discipline […]
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An Organization Built on Strengths

As a leader, have you noticed how employees who are encouraged to use their strengths are more interested in what they’re doing and apply themselves more fully? They are more productive, inspired, and loyal.
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Purpose, Strengths, Values: Defining Your Leadership Core

Do you have a clear sense of what makes you tick? By that I mean do you know what your “why” is, why it is that you do what you do? Over the course of a person’s career, many things change, including where one works and what one does for a living. I’ve held seemingly […]
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4 Tips to Build Mental Toughness

A good book on mental toughness is Mental Toughness for Women Leaders: 52 Tips To Recognize and Utilize Your Greatest Strengths by LaRae Quy. These suggestions apply equally to men. 1.    Identify your emotional hot buttons. Knowing who or what pushes our buttons and when it happens is critical to developing the ability to control […]
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6 Steps for Building Executive Presence

Executive presence isn’t like great art in that everybody sees it differently. It’s built on learning more about yourself and how you come across to others. Then it takes deliberate practice to implement best ways to make a stronger impression as a good leader. You can’t do this alone. You’ll absolutely need a mentor or […]
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Positive Leadership Is Not Problem-Focused

Unfortunately, positive leadership practices are truly rare in today’s businesses and organizations. Most leaders are problem-focused. You can’t have positive leadership with a negative focus. In my work coaching executives, there is a natural tendency to talk about what’s wrong and what’s not working. As a boss, are you the Chief Problem Fixer? Two key […]
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Boomers and the New Youth Movement: Get Ready

There are many shifting societal changes happening right now, and I believe we are in the midst of a cultural transition including from one generation to another. It isn’t as obvious as a comet and you can’t stop it by shooting at it. It will happen whether anyone likes it or not. There is another youth […]
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Self-Confidence: Everyone’s Secret Flaw

If you’ve ever worked with an executive coach, then you know what I’m talking about. In private coaching sessions, one of the biggest issues that comes up with clients, even for the smartest and most accomplished ones I work with, is lack of self-confidence. Just about everyone harbors self-doubt, even those who appear least likely. […]
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Leadership and the New Generations

Last week I asked the question, “Is Leadership Changing?” I think it is, and it must. Here’s why: You only have to take note of the generational change in the workplace.  With four generations currently working, the clash of expectations has never been more poignant. As of this writing, the four generations include Traditionals (ages […]
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