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Defeat Leadership Skepticism:
Shake Personal Bias

Can we really defeat unhealthy leadership skepticism? As I shared in my last post, skepticism is a logical and rational challenge of ideas to get to the reality or truth about a specific issue. But the typical impression we have of skepticism pertains to a close-minded, doubtful, and hard-to-convince mentality. This often stems from a fear […]
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Leaders Who Manage Perception Bias
Are More “Judgeable”

How do you come across to other people? Is what you say the same as what people hear? No matter how clear you think you are as a leader, people don’t always perceive you the way you intend to be perceived. Let’s face it, everyone has perception bias. If you don’t manage perception biases, people […]
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Gender Bias and Snap Judgments about CEOs

Ever since reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink, I’ve become acutely aware of how quickly I make snap judgments about people. No matter how fair and unbiased I think I am, I notice myself forming opinions about people before actually talking to them. In fact, if you travel a lot, you may find yourself doing this […]
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Employee Engagement Grows with Equality

Do you actively, and equally, engage all of your employees? Would they all agree? In my work as a coach, I have seen some of the best leaders destroy unity with favoritism. It’s easy to do, especially if you have not identified or acknowledged feelings of partiality to certain employees. (If you have trouble with […]
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Overturn Negativity:
Observe and Assess

Negativity affects everything and everyone. Negative thinking can be a pervasive handicap, but as I shared in my last post, it is possible to overturn negativity.
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Habitual Skepticism:
Eliminate the “Not-Invented-Here” Syndrome

Leaders with habitual skepticism are not hard to spot: they suffer with the “not-invented-here” syndrome, habitually skeptical of the ideas of others. I’ve been writing about the types, causes, and ways to defeat skepticism. What I’ve found in my coaching practice is that the best leaders know that they don’t have all the answers—no one does—and […]
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Countering Egotistic Leadership:
Taking Ground Back

Egotistic leadership can be countered. But it takes a deliberate effort on the part of leaders to refocus and see things from a wider view. Trained coaches are an excellent resource to guide leaders to a helpful perspective. In some cases, a leader can only make progress on becoming less egotistical through working with an experienced […]
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How to Build and Expand Your Self-Awareness

How self-aware are you? Self awareness is one of the foundations of emotional intelligence and being able to lead others. I’ve been writing about the importance of knowing yourself well here. The key to building better self awareness is feedback. Have you asked others for feedback about yourself?
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Why Leaders Need to Improve
(Authentic) Self Confidence

No one gives you self confidence; it is something each of us has to develop on our own. Now, you may have been fortunate to have had great parents and siblings and supportive teachers who intuitively built your self-esteem. Okay, lucky you. I don’t deny that happens and that some people seem to have been […]
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Leadership Levels:
Self Assessing Leadership Agility

Without an assessment, can you estimate your own or your managers’ leadership levels? Since most experts agree that leadership progresses through developmental stages, similar to how an adult matures, how do you discover where you are strong and where you need to improve as a leader? In order for anyone to make a thoughtful assessment […]
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