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The One-on-One Meeting:
Mastering Your Technique

Great leaders have great people skills; they know that how a one-on-one meeting is conducted is just as important as the topics discussed. Perhaps the most important element is clear communication. I wrote about this in my last post. This is a major point John Maxwell expresses consistently in his many books, in particular, The 21 Indispensable […]
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The One-on-One Meeting:
Policy and Preparation

As a leader, is the one-on-one meeting a regular part of your administrative policy? How is it perceived? If one-on-one meetings are not a significant part of your leadership portfolio, they should be (read my previous post, here.) As a welcome component of your leadership process, one-on-one meetings are not a sign of trouble or […]
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The One-on-One Meeting:
Go From Trepidation to Appreciation

Many leaders dread or avoid private, one-on-one meetings because they are viewed as uncontrollable, unpredictable, or risky. They seem to require an almost perfect use of soft skills and techniques, and swing with as much variation as the personalities with whom you’re meeting.
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Mid Career Complaint:
“Has Anyone Seen My Passion?”

At some point in your career, you may sense a creeping malaise. You’re no longer enthusiastic about the day ahead. Where’s the passion? Perhaps you’re experiencing a mid-career crisis—the sudden realization that you’re no longer a rising star. I’ve written about this before and it keeps coming up with my coaching clients. In fact, 75 […]
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The Engaged Manager:
Managing in One Hour a Day

Are you an engaged manager? Or are you hands-off? Many managers I know think they’re empowering their people but they’re not really managing at all. They’re undermanaging. I wrote here about how 90% of managers don’t do enough basic managing for fear of micromanaging. What do engaged managers do? How do they get the most […]
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Meetings: Can We Really Thin Slice Accurately in Two Seconds?

Forming first impressions accurately can be essential in business meetings, especially in sales. But making poor snap judgments because of unconscious biases can be disastrous. The idea of “thin slicing” — sizing someone or an event up in the first two seconds — became popular with the publication of Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink: The Power […]
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The Positivity Zone in High Performing Teams

Positivity has attracted the attention of scientists in the last 15 years because of its link to health, long-life and success. Apparently there’s more to “being positive” than just feeling good. When practiced in business teams, it produces bottom line results. There is a specific positivity zone in which teams excel. I’m reading about the […]
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Meeting Dr. Covey

I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon listening to Dr. Stephen Covey recently. As a professional in the coaching and human development field, I have been quoting his materials for years. He is the author of several books on leadership including First Things First, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and The Eighth […]
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The Dangerous Dysfunction of a Quiet Boss

The quiet boss may see harmless in appearance, but look again: you’ll find indications of dangerous dysfunction. Ask anyone who has worked for a quiet boss.
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Genuine Leadership Humility:
The Key for Our Future

It’s rare to find leaders with enough self-confidence to be humble, but when I hear about a company that has undergone transformation to become top-performing, know what I typically find? Genuine leadership humility.
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