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Egotistic Leaders: 4 Steps to Tame the Beast

  Egotistic leaders: it seems they’re everywhere. At least, it seems so, if you watch the news or have been reading my recent posts on working for a leader with a big ego.
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Narcissistic Leadership or Visionary?

There’s a case to be made for narcissistic CEOs who can lead companies to greatness, inspire followers and achieve game-changing solutions in our rapidly changing world. “It is narcissistic leaders who take us to places we’ve never been before, who innovate, who build empires out of nothing.” ~ Michael Maccoby, Narcissistic Leaders: Who Succeeds and […]
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Leadership Personalities: Narcissistic Types

Everyone I talk with is familiar with the narcissistic type leader, but not many people understand precisely how the term can apply in both a positive and a negative sense. Mostly the term is bandied about to describe all sorts of negative and destructive behaviors. I think we need to explore how productive narcissistic personalities […]
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Getting Goldilock Leadership “Just Right”

In my discussion of leadership strengths, I emphasize that too much dependence on a strength can backfire. Too much strategic thinking leads to not enough attention to operational details. Too much dominance and hard-driving encouragement leads to not enough listening and empathy to individuals. How can leaders manage people by using their strengths “just right” […]
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Leadership Challenge:
Receiving Feedback Well

I’ve been discussing the art of receiving feedback. This is key for leaders because organizations need to respond with agility to changing market needs and to do so people must be able to shift and change frequently. You can’t do that without giving and receiving feedback. Today’s businesses, their leaders and teams need to be […]
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Developmental Stages and
5 Levels of Leadership

Do we really understand the 5 levels of leadership? Some of the great leadership experts readily admit that while they can describe what great leaders do, they do not know how great leadership develops. In an attempt to understand what behaviors and mindset are required to develop better leaders, I’m becoming familiar with the Stage […]
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Post-Heroic Leadership: From Achiever to Catalyst

Heroic leaders are often effective, but increasingly, post-heroic leadership is required in today’s complex global marketplace with fierce competition. What do we mean by post-heroic leadership? According to an article in Harvard Business Review, “Increasingly, the heroic model of leadership is being challenged by a movement toward shared responsibility. Post-heroic managers allow their employees to […]
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Leadership Development:
Leading from an Integral Level

Ongoing leadership development is the most important key to leading successfully. Anyone who has led a team or business for any length of time with any degree of success can tell you that it requires continually evolving one’s skills, of both mental and emotional capacities. What gets you to one level of responsibilities in an […]
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5 Levels of Leadership:
Stage 1, Egocentric Leaders

What are the 5 levels of leadership? It’s really not surprising that leaders, like all people, go through stages as they mature. Anderson and Adams, authors of Mastering Leadership, have studied the development stages of adults and drawn up parallel levels of leadership maturity. Their Universal Model of Leadership is based on these five levels […]
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How to Change a Strong Habit Loop

So much of what we do is simply habit and routine that we selected because it was beneficial to us at one time. When it comes time to change a habit, we find out how powerful it has become. A well-used routine seems to have muscles, reinforced into a strong habit loop. How do habits […]
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