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Toxic Leadership: In Search of Prevention

What can organizations do to prevent toxic leadership? I’ve been doing some reading and sharing on bad bosses and toxic leaders. Perhaps what’s needed is a counterintuitive approach. Instead of dwelling on toxic behaviors’ destructive impact, consultants and coaches can work with people to create early awareness of dysfunctions. When toxicity is identified early on, […]
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Toxic Leaders: Is It Us or Them?

How can you tell if your boss is a toxic leader, or you just can’t stand him? It’s built into our brains: we automatically sort people into “like us” or “not like us.” This rapid-fire judgment is instinctive and intuitive, based on a cocktail of discernible sensory differences the second we face another person. The […]
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Bad Bosses at the Office: 4 Common Personality Disorders

Not every bad boss is a psychopath or someone with a personality disorder (although some of the stories I hear certainly make me wonder.) Most bosses aren’t mentally ill in spite of what employees perceive as horrible behaviors. But the many stories people tell me as a coach lead me to believe we’re seeing a […]
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