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Use Brain Science to
Bring Out the Best in People

What are you doing to bring out the best in people for peak performance? While no management guru has found the golden key to unlocking the full panoply of human potential at work, research sheds new light on the possibilities. As far back as a 2005 Harris poll, 33 percent of 7,718 employees surveyed believed […]
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How to Change a Strong Habit Loop

So much of what we do is simply habit and routine that we selected because it was beneficial to us at one time. When it comes time to change a habit, we find out how powerful it has become. A well-used routine seems to have muscles, reinforced into a strong habit loop. How do habits […]
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How Powerful Are Your Habits and Routines?

How much power do you have over your own habits and routines? Most of the choices we make each day feel like well-considered decisions. In reality, ingrained habits drive us to act. Research has shown that the average person has approximately 40,000 thoughts per day, but 95%  are the same ones experienced the day before. […]
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How to Use WAYPOINTs for Success

I thinK it matters how you set your goals, if you truly want a successful life. While the SMART goal system is good, to me it’s not good enough. I prefer setting WAYPOINTs for success in life. In my previous posts, I showed you the WAYPOINT goal setting system. On the worksheet (you can see […]
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How to Set WAYPOINT Goals

Sometimes setting a SMART goal isn’t enough. What I’ve found in coaching scores of high functioning business people is that goals need to be genuinely relevant, engaging and personal. That’s how I came up with setting WAYPOINT goals. A WAYPOINT statement will be: Written— You are taking the time to write down the WAYPOINT for […]
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Set Goals with WAYPOINTs

A WAYPOINT is something akin to a goal. It is different in that goals have finite end points. WAYPOINTs recognize that life goes on past the completion of one goal. You will set another WAYPOINT to take you in new and ever more satisfying directions. Getting to a WAYPOINT that you set for yourself recognizes […]
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What Truly Matters

I’m been writing about SMART goals, Stretch goals, and different systems that work when it comes to being focused, productive and more importantly, on task for what truly matters to you. Most people are familiar with SMART criterion: Specific – target a specific area for improvement. Measurable – quantify or at least suggest an indicator […]
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The Inner Game of Goals:
When SMART Goals Don’t Work

Just about everyone I encounter my work with organizations is familiar with and has used some version of SMART goals. This is a mnemonic acronym for setting goals that are: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time bound Using the SMART system makes it easier for anyone to stay on track and accomplish key success factors. There […]
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The 3rd Promise of Effective Leaders: Execution

To truly be effective as a leader requires attention and focus on key priorities. Yes, the bottom line looms large, but financial success comes from excellent completion of four key promises to stakeholders. Leaders must set the right direction for the company to take, with meaningful work, which leads to engaging everyone to be accountable […]
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Leadership, the Trust Deficit, and
How to Engage People

Let’s look at employee engagement from another perspective. Why should anyone give most of their time and energy — let alone their heart and soul — to doing a great job at work? The question is how to engage people when they may not even trust you? When asked to rate the ethics of various professions […]
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