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Egotistic Leaders: 4 Steps to Tame the Beast

  Egotistic leaders: it seems they’re everywhere. At least, it seems so, if you watch the news or have been reading my recent posts on working for a leader with a big ego.
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The Great Leadership Challenge:
Fear of Failure

Of all the challenges leaders face, none is more pervasive yet hidden than fear of failure. “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy Leadership is a tough job that requires courage. Doubts, insecurities and fears make organizational challenges more difficult and, in extreme cases, insurmountable. No matter […]
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Why Leaders Need to Improve
(Authentic) Self Confidence

No one gives you self confidence; it is something each of us has to develop on our own. Now, you may have been fortunate to have had great parents and siblings and supportive teachers who intuitively built your self-esteem. Okay, lucky you. I don’t deny that happens and that some people seem to have been […]
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Leadership Personalities:
Obsessives and Marketing Types

I’ve been discussing leadership personalities and the importance of evaluating leadership potential using personality types. I believe that past performance isn’t sufficient for finding and selecting tomorrow’s leaders. There are too many complex global challenges that future leaders will face. An excellent book, Michael Maccoby in Narcissistic Leaders: Who Succeeds and Who Fails (Crown Business, […]
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Four Leadership Personality
Types That Matter

From what I see in the organizations where I consult, there’s an urgent need to understand leadership personality. Today―and especially for the future―we need leaders who can engage the workforce, manage people, and inspire collaboration and innovation. Evaluation of leadership personality types is an essential part of the selection process for CEOs and top executives, […]
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Finding Leaders for the Future:
Leadership Personality Matters

Think about it. We are in the midst of great social, economic, scientific and political change. Intelligent approaches count more than ever if we’re to build sustainable results in rapidly changing, complex markets. The way leaders decide strategic plans is influenced by leaders’ personalities, priorities and worldview. Given the financial and societal impact of global […]
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Getting Goldilock Leadership “Just Right”

In my discussion of leadership strengths, I emphasize that too much dependence on a strength can backfire. Too much strategic thinking leads to not enough attention to operational details. Too much dominance and hard-driving encouragement leads to not enough listening and empathy to individuals. How can leaders manage people by using their strengths “just right” […]
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Leadership Strengths Come in Pairs

I’ve been discussing the fact that leadership strengths training fails to recognize when strengths are overused. Most leaders are familiar with the concept of leadership competencies skill sets coming in pairs. Multiple assessment tools classify people’s preferences as either “task-oriented” vs. “people-oriented,” “big picture” vs. “detail-oriented” or “analytic” vs. “intuitive.”
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Lopsided Leadership:
When Leaders Overplay Strengths

Many leaders fear they’ll lose their edge if they stop leading with their strengths. They must instead learn to use this strength more selectively. This may be the hardest developmental work one can take on. Behavioral changes are a demanding goal, and it’s even harder to change or modulate what you’ve always done well. It […]
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5 Levels of Leadership on the Way to Mastery

In my previous posts, I presented different theories of leadership development based on the fact that leaders, like all adults, progress through 5 levels of leadership growth as they mature. Because the development stage theorists use different descriptive words for the stages, it can be confusing. They all have characteristics in common, however. Using a […]
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