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Self Confidence, Mindset and
Achievement: Vital for Leadership

Leaders require mental toughness and resilience under fire. How do we develop self confidence in our careers? Since none of us are immune to mistakes along the way, how do we handle those so that we continue to build confidence without sweeping them under the carpet? It all has to do with mindset, that is, […]
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Leading with Self Confidence:
Growth Mindset Required

Self confidence is a key ingredient to leadership success but too much can lead one astray if not grounded in reality. The history of great business failures is littered with over-confident leaders who believed they were immune to risk. Without authentic confidence, leaders can’t create outstanding business results. I’d say leading with confidence is a […]
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Lack of Self Confidence: What’s Stopping You?

No one—not even the most outwardly self-assured leader—is immune from periods of self-doubt and lack of self confidence. In fact, sometimes doubt can be healthy when it acts as an internal check. People with healthy self confidence are more adept at managing their inner experiences and better at learning from mistakes and failures. Their self […]
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Why Leaders Need to Improve
(Authentic) Self Confidence

No one gives you self confidence; it is something each of us has to develop on our own. Now, you may have been fortunate to have had great parents and siblings and supportive teachers who intuitively built your self-esteem. Okay, lucky you. I don’t deny that happens and that some people seem to have been […]
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The Link Between Self-Confidence
and Leadership Actualization

Most executives I work with in my coaching practice are familiar with Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The American psychologist (1908-1970) proposed that all humans are motivated to satisfy certain basic needs, and once those needs are secured, they strive to satisfy more needs, eventually seeking self-actualization or the expression of self-fulfillment, to become everything […]
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Self-Confidence or Vulnerability: Walking the Tightwire

As a business leader, what do you think about expressing self-confidence vs. vulnerability? There are a lot of great videos on, but two have left me thinking profoundly: Dr. Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability and the one on shame. As mentioned in my post on Tuesday, expressing self-doubt or anything that hints of a […]
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Leadership Self-Confidence: Do You Dare Show Vulnerability?

After my last post on the study that shows that leadership self-confidence succeeds better when it’s lowered, one reader reacted strongly. Maybe others did too, but didn’t speak up through the comments section. Let’s talk more about this issue of leadership self-confidence and executive presence. The real issue is vulnerability, for example, when you show […]
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Leadership Success: In Praise of LESS Self-Confidence…

In business psychology, the prevailing wisdom has assumed that a high degree of self-confidence leads to promotions and leadership success. I recently ran across a blog post that disputes this assumption. (Image: Business psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic writes that new studies show that Less-Confident People Are More Successful (Harvard Business Review blog, July 2012). According […]
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Self-Confidence: Everyone’s Secret Flaw

If you’ve ever worked with an executive coach, then you know what I’m talking about. In private coaching sessions, one of the biggest issues that comes up with clients, even for the smartest and most accomplished ones I work with, is lack of self-confidence. Just about everyone harbors self-doubt, even those who appear least likely. […]
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10 Ways to Self-Sabotage Your Success

In my previous post, I mentioned that self-sabotage was one of the main ways executives lose personal power and influence. And yet, many don’t see themselves doing it because it can be so extremely subtle. We’re very poor at making self-examinations. There are many ways we unintentionally lose power and confidence and stay stuck in […]
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