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Authentic Leaders Earn Respect

I’ve been exploring what it takes for leaders to develop into more authentic leaders. Being respected begins with showing respect to others, both upline and downline in your organization. Model respect for everyone and it will be contagious. The phrase “leading by example” is more than a suggestion. Leaders who model the behavior they want […]
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Employee Engagement: A Partnership Mindset

Do you have a partnership mindset? Nothing extinguishes employee engagement more than feeling controlled, used or disrespected. But when employees are regarded as partners rather than subjects, they have the highest sense of value. Their performance matches their engagement, and they can accomplish amazing feats. I wrote about this sense of value in my last […]
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Creating a Culture of Engagement

Do you have a culture of engagement in your organization? I wrote about measuring employee engagement in my last post, here. Adopting a philosophy that puts people first, strengthens engagement, provided it’s backed by actions. In my work as a coach, I’ve seen enthusiasm skyrocket when leaders create a positive environment, promote helpfulness, value their staff, and provide the resources necessary […]
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Leadership Superpower of Perseverance:
Who is Clark Kent?

Can you identify the Clark Kent with the leadership superpower of perseverance? It shouldn’t be too hard. Persevering leaders stand out from the rest and have a significant impact, usually without commanding the limelight or fanfare. Their energy and attitude are distinct—sometimes refreshing, sometimes demanding. Consider Steve Jobs and Lee Iacocca, who had the stamina […]
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Leading Wisely with Your Values

Are you leading wisely with your values? Successful leaders who follow their values are seen as authentic, and are appreciated because they’re genuine and trustworthy. I know, because I see it in the executives and leaders I work with. They set a vision based on value-oriented choices and hone in on a path for the […]
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How Compulsive Leaders Overcome Unique Challenges

It’s difficult for compulsive leaders to identify with feelings (their own or others’) and step outside their own perspective, but with training and coaching that focuses on relating to people, they can overcome unique challenges. I’ve seen compulsive leaders experience an epiphany when they learn to value the power of engagement, accept that their success […]
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The Challenges Posed by Compulsive Leaders

Is it fair to say there are many driven, compulsive leaders in executive position in your organization? I see it all the time: because most corporate cultures place such a high value on accomplishment and productivity, it’s no surprise that leaders who, while bent on achieving success, present difficulties for the people who work for […]
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The One-on-One Meeting:
Mastering Your Technique

Great leaders have great people skills; they know that how a one-on-one meeting is conducted is just as important as the topics discussed. Perhaps the most important element is clear communication. I wrote about this in my last post. This is a major point John Maxwell expresses consistently in his many books, in particular, The 21 Indispensable […]
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The One-on-One Meeting:
Policy and Preparation

As a leader, is the one-on-one meeting a regular part of your administrative policy? How is it perceived? If one-on-one meetings are not a significant part of your leadership portfolio, they should be (read my previous post, here.) As a welcome component of your leadership process, one-on-one meetings are not a sign of trouble or […]
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World’s Best Boss:
Manager AND Leader

Do you have the best blend of manager and leader skills to be called the “World’s Best Boss?” Administrators who cling to a sole management or leadership approach handicap their organizations, and are not likely to be nominated the best boss of anything.
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