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Four Leadership Personality
Types That Matter

From what I see in the organizations where I consult, there’s an urgent need to understand leadership personality. Today―and especially for the future―we need leaders who can engage the workforce, manage people, and inspire collaboration and innovation. Evaluation of leadership personality types is an essential part of the selection process for CEOs and top executives, […]
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Finding Leaders for the Future:
Leadership Personality Matters

Think about it. We are in the midst of great social, economic, scientific and political change. Intelligent approaches count more than ever if we’re to build sustainable results in rapidly changing, complex markets. The way leaders decide strategic plans is influenced by leaders’ personalities, priorities and worldview. Given the financial and societal impact of global […]
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Bad Bosses at the Office: 4 Common Personality Disorders

Not every bad boss is a psychopath or someone with a personality disorder (although some of the stories I hear certainly make me wonder.) Most bosses aren’t mentally ill in spite of what employees perceive as horrible behaviors. But the many stories people tell me as a coach lead me to believe we’re seeing a […]
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How to Develop the Leadership Superpower of Perseverance

Unlike Superman who could leap tall buildings in a single bound, even the best executives and leaders cannot change their character in one leap. But if you struggle with perseverance, you can develop the leadership superpower of perseverance. I see this all the time in the clients I work with. They learn and master perseverance […]
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How Compulsive Leaders Overcome Unique Challenges

It’s difficult for compulsive leaders to identify with feelings (their own or others’) and step outside their own perspective, but with training and coaching that focuses on relating to people, they can overcome unique challenges. I’ve seen compulsive leaders experience an epiphany when they learn to value the power of engagement, accept that their success […]
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Lead Beyond Your Authority:
Challenge the Status Quo

When you lead beyond your authority, the toughest test you may face is challenging the system. I’ve been writing about how to lead beyond your authority in recent posts. Your success depends on how well you influence and inspire others. You see, by questioning the status quo, you insinuate that change is needed.
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Defeating Leadership Skepticism

Should we be defeating leadership skepticism? Skepticism takes on several forms; some are advantageous, and some are detrimental. In its truest sense, skepticism is a logical and rational challenge of ideas to get to the reality or truth about a specific issue. Leaders with such a constructive, critical eye possess a positive strength, especially in a fast-paced […]
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Leadership Give and Take:
The Paradoxical Truth

When it comes to leadership give and take, are you a “taker,” or a “giver?” Western leaders have been conditioned for generations to believe that the way to advance is to claim as much as possible, to take more than you give. Many leaders make personal gain the objective of business life, and almost any means […]
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People-Pleasing Leaders:
The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Sometimes I hear colleagues complain that their boss is too nice. They work for a people-pleasing leader. Working for someone who always wants to be liked is frustrating. People-pleasing leaders tend to waffle, try to please everyone, and don’t make decisions easily for fear of disappointing someone. That’s a breeding ground for mistrust. Even though […]
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The Risks of Working for a People Pleaser

Working for someone who is a people-pleaser may seem fairly innocuous or even desirable, but such leaders pose daunting challenges for their organizations. If you work for a people-pleaser, you most likely see the inherent problems and confess to seeking ways to maneuver around them. People-pleasing leaders have some beneficial traits, but their behaviors can […]
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