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How Great Leaders Motivate Other People

I’ve been exploring employee motivation and how great leaders motivate other people. This topic comes up frequently in my coaching practice: If it weren’t hard enough to motivate ourselves when tired or bored, it’s even harder to persuade others into action. At one time, it was believed that you used rewards (carrots) to encourage behaviors and […]
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Motivate People without Over Managing or Micromanaging

I don’t doubt that most managers truly want to motivate people to peak performance; it’s the way they go about it that backfires. In a fervent desire to teach people what they know to be true (after all, it worked to get them promoted to management, right?), some managers enthusiastically over-manage. Over-management can also manifest […]
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3 Ways to Motivate People at Work

Motivating people to do great work is a continual challenge for managers. The truth is you can’t really motivate anyone, they have to motivate themselves. Yet companies invest in incentives and reward programs, and hope for the best. Don’t be fooled. Science tells us that people are motivated to satisfy three psychological needs: Autonomy Relatedness […]
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Once Again: What Motivates People At Work?

Most business leaders have lost sight of what motivates people at work. In fact, some companies haven’t updated their incentive practices in years, which means they’re incapable of creating high-performance teams. Companies continue to ignore the obvious: Offering incentives and rewards is less effective than tapping into truly meaningful intrinsic motivation. Leaders operate on old […]
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4 Basic Human Drives: Understanding What Motivates Us

No matter how savvy we are, when it comes to human behaviors at work, we’re often stumped. People act in mysterious ways, especially when they feel threatened. In Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices (Jossey Bass, 2001), authors Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria propose a four basic human drives that motivate everything we […]
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The Real Reason Fear Won’t Motivate

There’s a danger in using fear to motivate people. When you present a “burning platform” story to spur your people into action, there are inherent risks. People may jump into action, but will it be the right action? Will it be purposeful? Most of the big problems we encounter in organizations or society are ambiguous […]
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How Do You Motivate People at Work?

One of the earliest studies of human behavior at work was done at AT&T’s Western Electric Hawthorne Plant from 1927 by Harvard’s Elton Mayo and published in a report by F. J. Roethlisberger and W. Dickson, Management and the Worker. Their principle findings are still relevant today: when workers have an opportunity to contribute their […]
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The Unmitigated Power of Leadership Humility

It seems to me that we’re living in an era of self-celebration and those who often make the most noise get the attention. And it’s really no surprise: today’s leaders face innumerable challenges with employee disengagement, cloud-based speed of commerce, political correctness, cultural diversity, social sensitivities and a hyper-focus on efficiency. Pressure to succeed is […]
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Create a Culture of Trust:
The Power of Accountability

It may seem near impossible to create a culture of trust when organizational morale and engagement are lowered by people who can’t be counted on. They flame resentments and dissatisfaction throughout the organization. But can holding people personally accountable promote positivity, unity and build trust? There is a paradoxical truth in the power of accountability.
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Employee Engagement Grows with Equality

Do you actively, and equally, engage all of your employees? Would they all agree? In my work as a coach, I have seen some of the best leaders destroy unity with favoritism. It’s easy to do, especially if you have not identified or acknowledged feelings of partiality to certain employees. (If you have trouble with […]
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