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Leadership Resilience:
The Right Mindset

Do you practice resilient leadership? Let me ask you this: When faced with a setback or crisis, do you have the right mindset to overcome adversity? In my last blog post, I outlined three steps leaders can take to defeat obstacles, manage crises and conquer setbacks, suggested by Ryan Holiday, in his book, The Obstacle Is […]
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Shift Your Mindset for Success:
Some Really Practical Tips

If you’ve ever suspected you’ve got more potential than you’re actually achieving, then part of the problem may be your mindset. The way we handle mistakes and setbacks is determined by our thinking.  Two sets of mindsets come into play, according to Carol Dweck, Ph.D., author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (Random House, […]
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Unlock Your Potential with a Shift in Mindset

Do you ever wonder why some very smart people don’t live up to their potential? Maybe you even include yourself in this category. Some scientists propose that underachieving may come down to mindset. Mindset is “an established set of attitudes held by someone,” says the Oxford American Dictionary. It turns out, however, that a set of […]
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Self Confidence, Mindset and
Achievement: Vital for Leadership

Leaders require mental toughness and resilience under fire. How do we develop self confidence in our careers? Since none of us are immune to mistakes along the way, how do we handle those so that we continue to build confidence without sweeping them under the carpet? It all has to do with mindset, that is, […]
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Leading with Self Confidence:
Growth Mindset Required

Self confidence is a key ingredient to leadership success but too much can lead one astray if not grounded in reality. The history of great business failures is littered with over-confident leaders who believed they were immune to risk. Without authentic confidence, leaders can’t create outstanding business results. I’d say leading with confidence is a […]
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Developing Leaders:
From Reactive to Creative Mindset

If we’re going to do a better job of developing leaders, we must understand adult developmental stages, or how people grow their mental capacities as they mature. I’m not referring to how we acquire more knowledge or skills. How do leaders expand their awareness, consciousness, and ability to understand and manage complexity? How do leaders […]
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The Growth Mindset of an Effective Leader

What distinguishes a potential great leader from one who is mediocre? From my experience as an executive coach in many different industries, some stand out more than others: Those leaders with a growth mindset who use every challenge as a learning goal. There are leaders who focus almost exclusively on performance. And there are others […]
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The 5 Mindsets of Great Managers

What does it take to be a really great manager? I’ve been writing about how important good managing is here and here. Maybe we need to focus on good old fashioned management and what’s needed to become a better boss. “No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It […]
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The Mindset of Genius-Makers

What makes working for some leaders tough but worth it, while others are simply tough and disagreeable? I’ve been reading up on the mindset of leaders who are genius-makers. In the book Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter (HarperBusiness, 2010), authors Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown interviewed and assessed more than 150 leaders […]
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The One-on-One Meeting:
Go From Trepidation to Appreciation

Many leaders dread or avoid private, one-on-one meetings because they are viewed as uncontrollable, unpredictable, or risky. They seem to require an almost perfect use of soft skills and techniques, and swing with as much variation as the personalities with whom you’re meeting.
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