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Leadership Give and Take: Don’t Be a Doormat

When it comes to leadership give and take, “givers,” if taken advantage of too often, will eventually withdraw. I’ve been writing about the paradox of leadership give and take. What I’ve seen in my coaching practice is that when givers become leery and withdraw giving to avoid being hurt, they become completely ineffective. Ultimately, the “takers” […]
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Leadership Give and Take:
The Surprising Benefits of Giving

I’ve been reading about leadership give and take, and the paradox reveals surprising benefits of giving.
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Leadership Give and Take:
The Deception of Taking

I’ve been reading about the paradox of leadership give and take. The premise is that those who try and get as much value as they can, get what they want. They have an intentionality that achieves goals and maximizes opportunity. These “takers” make things happen for themselves, and for the most part, those around them, […]
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Leadership Give and Take:
The Paradoxical Truth

When it comes to leadership give and take, are you a “taker,” or a “giver?” Western leaders have been conditioned for generations to believe that the way to advance is to claim as much as possible, to take more than you give. Many leaders make personal gain the objective of business life, and almost any means […]
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Leadership Resilience:
The Will to Win

I’ve been writing about leadership resilience, and the steps great leaders take in overcoming setbacks and adversity. You don’t have to look far to see great examples (as I write this, I am thinking of all the leaders who worked so hard to keep people safe during this hurricane season!) As solutions are attempted, ups […]
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Here’s Why Egotistic Leadership Doesn’t Work

Egotistic leadership not only affects people, but the whole organization suffers. Because of the egotist leader’s disinterest in other viewpoints, they cannot work constructively with those who disagree. They won’t accept or learn from feedback, and it doesn’t take long for feedback to be stifled altogether. A distorted take on reality leads to the egotist’s […]
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People-Pleasing Leaders:
The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Sometimes I hear colleagues complain that their boss is too nice. They work for a people-pleasing leader. Working for someone who always wants to be liked is frustrating. People-pleasing leaders tend to waffle, try to please everyone, and don’t make decisions easily for fear of disappointing someone. That’s a breeding ground for mistrust. Even though […]
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Leadership Dishonesty: The New Norm?

Everyone agrees that leadership dishonesty is wrong and that candor, honesty and transparency are essential to leaders of all organizations. When leaders lie, no one trusts them—not their subordinates, their own bosses, their colleagues, or their customers. You can’t have effective leadership without trust. Worse, when leaders lie, others do the same. Almost no one […]
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The Great Leadership Challenge:
Fear of Failure

Of all the challenges leaders face, none is more pervasive yet hidden than fear of failure. “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy Leadership is a tough job that requires courage. Doubts, insecurities and fears make organizational challenges more difficult and, in extreme cases, insurmountable. No matter […]
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Self Confidence, Mindset and
Achievement: Vital for Leadership

Leaders require mental toughness and resilience under fire. How do we develop self confidence in our careers? Since none of us are immune to mistakes along the way, how do we handle those so that we continue to build confidence without sweeping them under the carpet? It all has to do with mindset, that is, […]
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