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How Well Do You Know Yourself?

How well do you think you know yourself? Self-awareness is key to success in work, life, and relationships. I would say that it is the foundation of strong character, giving us the ability to lead with a sense of purpose, authenticity, openness, and trust. “Knowing yourself, and knowing the forces that affect the people who […]
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Leadership Psychology Skill #1: Know Yourself Well

When it comes to leadership skills, a key driver of success is self-awareness. You have to know yourself well in order to influence others. This means a full understanding of your strengths as well as weaknesses. “Knowing yourself, and knowing the forces that affect the people who work for you, holds the key to being […]
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Leadership Competencies: Know Yourself

In some ways leaders are going to have to become more personally transparent in the coming decade. They must communicate personal proficiency. They need to know themselves well, and not be hesitant to admit reality. Hiding behind your title or office or your reputation doesn’t work, and I doubt whether it ever did. Nor does […]
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Intuitions: Understand Gut Feelings &
Know How to Check Yourself

Self-checking and feedback are crucial for sound intuitive decisions, so some organizations have made these processes part of the culture in their executive suites. Intuitive thinkers admit their instincts are often plain wrong. They understand that human nature can cloud decision-making. For example: We will often take unnecessary risks to recover a loss (the classic […]
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Do You Know Where You Are Now?

At the core of self-management is your self-concept, and how it plays out in your life: the one where you’re a star and the one where you’re a little lost. Reality lies somewhere in the middle. Your self concept inevitably reflects some reality and some fantasy. The two strategic questions are: How can you best […]
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Creative Leadership: The Fear of the Messy Unknown

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, I’m thinking about creativity: what and how do businesses and leaders need to change? In last week’s post about creativity and leadership, I asked if readers thought they or their leaders were too analytical. (Creative Thinking and Leadership: Are You Too Analytical?) And a few readers commented: […]
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Is Your Boss a Know-It-All?
5 Ways to Diminish Others

Does your boss inspire? …Or crunsh desire? Maybe your boss doesn’t mean to, maybe he’s just asserting himself, reinforcing his credibility…trying to remind himself that’s he’s the smartest person in the room. It seldom works, does it? Worse, it back fires because it doesn’t inspire anyone to bring out their best. In the book Multipliers: […]
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5 Personal Leadership Questions to Ask Yourself

How can you tell if you need to change? You may be going along, doing alright, sans problems, but you know you could be doing better. If you want to keep your personal leadership skills honed, you’ll need to adapt quickly and continually to meet reality. What are five personal leadership questions you can ask […]
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Coaching Yourself: The Blind Leading the Blind

If I were a younger man (and some days I think I am!), and if I had ambitions to ascend the corporate ladder to the C-suites, I wouldn’t hesitate to seek out the services of a good executive coach. Here’s why… Even though most of us by now have pretty good self-awareness and know our […]
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Leading with Trust: 5 Skills to Master

I’ve been thinking a lot about leading with trust, how important it is to leadership, and how it’s probably the one factor you can’t ignore if you want to improve as an effective leader. Trust isn’t something you can just leave to fate, assuming because you’re a trustworthy person, it will naturally show up. Anyone […]
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