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How to Overcome a Good-Enough Culture

Yes; you can overcome a good-enough culture. Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. ~ Theodore Roosevelt I’ve been exploring how organizations suffer from a culture of “good-enough.” It’s typically a top-down job, and just like the frog in the kettle, can take you by surprise. But the good news […]
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Overcoming Mediocrity in a
Good-Enough Culture

If your organization suffers from a good-enough culture, take heart: there are steps leaders can take in overcoming mediocrity.
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Symptoms of “Good-Enough” Leaders

It might be shocking to think, but you might be seeing symptoms of “good-enough” leaders in your organization.  I’ve been exploring how organizations suffer from a culture of “good-enough.”  What I’ve found in my coaching practice is that leaders in these organizations are not focused on excellence. They send signals that they don’t care―­some signs are subtle, […]
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Here’s How a Good-Enough Culture Takes Root

In my previous post on a “good-enough” culture, I explored the many ways mediocrity wastes billions of dollars in organizations. Like most organizational culture, it flows down from the top of the organization. It takes root when leaders believe that a “good-enough” approach is acceptable.
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“Good-Enough” Cultures:
Billion Dollar Waste and Failure

In organizations with “good-enough” cultures, billions of dollars are wasted each year by leaders and staff who compromise on standards. Such leaders endanger themselves and their careers by permitting a “good-enough” mentality. This risk engenders wide-spread mediocrity, but fortunately, it has a remedy.
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Human Capabilities at Work: Why Obedience,
Diligence and Expertise Aren’t Enough

As a leader, which human capabilities at work do you value most? How do you try to motivate people? I’ve been thinking about how leaders communicate different values to motivate their people to perform. In some cases, they stress how vital it is to follow the rules and regulations. In others, they emphasize quality control […]
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In Search of Good Management

Have we lost sight of good management? Much has been written about the difference between leaders and managers. “Leaders are people who do the right thing,” note leadership experts Warren Bennis and Joan Goldsmith in Learning to Lead: A Workbook on Becoming a Leader (Basic Books, 2003). “Managers are people who do things right.” “It […]
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Leaders: Are You Getting Enough Brain Exercise?

As a busy executive, you barely have time to get enough physical exercise into your schedule. And now it’s just as important you keep your brain fit and strong if you want a competitive advantage as a high potential leader. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise five days a week. […]
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Great Leaders: Was Steve Jobs Good at Leading?

What makes a great leader? Think about the leaders of Apple, Amazon and Southwest Airlines. You can probably name them: Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Herb Kelleher. Next, try to name the leaders of General Motors, TiVo and AOL… right, I’d have to go look them up too. Most senior leaders are highly qualified, experienced […]
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Generational Management:
What’s Good for Gen Y Is Good for All?

The idea of generational management was well expressed in Jamie Smith’s guest post this week. Maybe younger generations need to be managed differently than older workers. But I’m thinking, maybe not. Maybe we’re more alike than we think? (Photo credit Photostock) For example, Ms. Smith mentions three ways leaders can help Gen Y in the […]
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