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Leadership Challenge:
Receiving Feedback Well

I’ve been discussing the art of receiving feedback. This is key for leaders because organizations need to respond with agility to changing market needs and to do so people must be able to shift and change frequently. You can’t do that without giving and receiving feedback. Today’s businesses, their leaders and teams need to be […]
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The Challenges of Receiving Feedback

Leaders who are skilled at receiving feedback demonstrate behaviors that go a long way towards reducing workplace conflicts. This is because when leaders listen well and manage their own resistance, they show people how to be open to learning without becoming defensive. But from what I see when consulting in organizations, receiving feedback doesn’t come […]
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Why Receiving Feedback Is Hard

Most leaders are resistant when receiving feedback, in spite of what they verbalize—and from what I observe, this is a continuing leadership challenge. We generally don’t want to receive difficult information about ourselves, so issues go unresolved and challenges grow deeper. When staff are afraid to approach certain subjects, trust and unity suffer. Yet leaders […]
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Receiving Feedback:
The Strong Force of Resistance

Receiving feedback may be one of the most difficult things leaders should learn to do well and it is key to successfully leading others and inspiring a culture of learning. How leaders react to negative feedback can be the difference between success and failure. Experiencing unpleasant observations and opinions at work can be painful and […]
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The Art of Receiving Feedback

Receiving feedback with grace is a valuable leadership skill, yet many managers struggle with it. While we’re often quick to critique others, being on the receiving end involves an entirely different set of emotional and psychological skills. I observe this in the organizations where I consult. Leaders invite hearing feedback from staff, but don’t always […]
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Team Accountability and Feedback

How can leaders encourage team accountability? Most management systems are so focused on individual performance that they undermine the very teamwork they hope to encourage. In my opinion, based on working with teams, there’s not nearly enough emphasis on team behaviors, goals and success. If leaders want to see teams succeed, there must be team […]
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Leaders: How Challenging Are You?
The Feedback Support/Challenge Matrix

As a leader, how challenging are you? Do you stretch your people enough? Are you supportive but not sufficiently motivating? True accountability cannot exist without feedback and rewards — areas in which most organizations have weaknesses. But here’s the dilemma: If your feedback is strictly positive, there’s no way for you to provide constructive input. […]
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Reduce Rudeness: Give Feedback that Works

Don’t let outwardly positive communications mask rudeness. I see this when people try too hard to keep the peace instead of being forthright. I’ve been writing about incivility in work places, but occasionally, people go too far the other way. Positivity is misused when an overemphasis on political correctness means issues are brushed aside. In […]
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Feedback: Why Is Expressing Appreciation Hard?

Why is it that praising or expressing appreciation to people at work can be so awkward? Sometimes it can feel contrived, even disingenuous. Maybe we’re just not as good at expressing positive thoughts as we are negativity. Are we so entrenched in sarcasm and dark humor that the expression of authentic appreciation seems odd? Tony […]
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Create a Culture of Trust:
Be the Standard-Bearer

Like it or not, as a leader you are the standard-bearer. You model the standards of integrity throughout the entire organization, so it’s important to recognize the values and expectations you are communicating through words, actions, policies and procedures. Where do you draw the lines on truthfulness, honesty and respectfulness? Is positivity expected?  If you […]
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