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Business Ethics and Values: What Now?

In taking a step back to look at what’s happening with business ethics and values, what do we need to remember for the future? What lessons have we learned from the 2008 financial recession? It is good to remind ourselves that what matters most now is what’s always mattered: our bedrock values. ~ Gary Hamel, […]
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How Do Authentic Leaders
Convey Credibility?

I’ve been exploring how authentic leaders build authenticity by addressing five areas: self-awareness, respect, connecting, credibility and trust. How do authentic leaders come across as truly credible? For one thing, people don’t believe leaders who exhibit questionable behavior. If a leader shows flexible morality in one arena, they are not going to be perceived as […]
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Coaching Conversations: Face the FACTS

From what I observe in businesses, not a lot of managers use coaching skills to guide and develop their people. When managers don’t have clear framework for initiating coaching conversations, they revert to managing in more traditional ways, without coaching. That usually means making suggestions and asking leading questions to get someone to do what […]
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Unleashing Employee Engagement:
It’s Up to You as a Leader

When you think about it, inspiring and unleashing employee engagement should be the  number one job of managers. Ask any manager, however, they’ll tell you their biggest job is managing people, putting out fires, and tracking performance. It’s not surprising that people who are truly engaged in their work account for only 15% to 30% […]
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Leadership, the Trust Deficit, and
How to Engage People

Let’s look at employee engagement from another perspective. Why should anyone give most of their time and energy — let alone their heart and soul — to doing a great job at work? The question is how to engage people when they may not even trust you? When asked to rate the ethics of various professions […]
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What Matters: Do We Need a
Values Revolution?

What matters in leadership today? What’s most important if we want to build sustainable business organizations? Maybe Gary Hamel is right when he claims we need a values revolution in business (What Matters Now: How to Win in a World of Relentless Change, Ferocious Competition, and Unstoppable Innovation.). In a 2010 Gallup Study only 15% […]
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Leadership Decision-Making:
The Problems with Oversight

The best leadership decisions are never made in isolation. In public companies, government offices and non-profits, regulation and oversight is required to ensure maximum outcomes for all stakeholders. But auditors and boards of directors often fail in their designated purpose. In principle, regulatory boards are charged with overseeing leadership decision making. In reality, they often […]
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How to Speak Up about Values in Business

From what I see, many of us fail to take appropriate action when we see questionable values in business. In my previous posts on values and ethics in business, I’ve shared thoughts from Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right (Yale University Press, 2010), by management expert Mary […]
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Early Detection of Toxic Leaders

How can you tell if your organization has toxic leaders? While signs of manipulation and lack of empathy are obvious, often nobody speaks up until it’s too late. Toxic leaders have been responsible for numerous horrific business failures in the last few decades: Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling at Enron, Dennis Kozlowski at Tyco International […]
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Is There a Psychopathic Leader in the Corner Office?

Is it possible you work for someone with psychopathic traits? Someone who seemed like great leadership material at one time, but whom you’ve come to know as false and manipulative? Perhaps they’re less than honest and transparent,  always self-promotional and closely guarded? They may show personality traits similar to a psychopathic leader. In the work […]
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