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Do We Really Understand
Effective Leadership?

Do we really understand effective leadership and how to develop it for business results? If organizations want to grow leaders to meet the demands of an increasingly complex and chaotic marketplace, they need to know which leadership behaviors and mindset contributes most to leadership effectiveness. From what I see in businesses today, many executives feel […]
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The Growth Mindset of an Effective Leader

What distinguishes a potential great leader from one who is mediocre? From my experience as an executive coach in many different industries, some stand out more than others: Those leaders with a growth mindset who use every challenge as a learning goal. There are leaders who focus almost exclusively on performance. And there are others […]
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The Inner Game of Leaders:
From Effective Leader to Great Leader

If a leader wants to truly excel, he or she will need to develop the inner game as much as outer competencies. I’ve been writing about what makes a leader effective and the four promises that we expect all leaders to keep. To become a more effective leader, one must master leadership competencies, things like […]
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From Leader to Effective Leader

To be an effective leader, one must engage in personal and professional development, improving conscious competence, self-awareness, other-relatedness, and growing in ways that are transformative, not just transactional. By that I mean that it’s just as important to evolve one’s character and consciousness, not just improve leadership competencies. We expect our leaders to be wise […]
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The 4th Promise of Effective Leaders:
To Simply Lead Effectively

Effective leaders promise to lead effectively. To summarize some of the leadership gems in authors Robert J. Andersen and William A. Adams book Mastering Leadership, senior executives must fulfill the promises that are expected of all leaders: 1) set the direction for meaningful work, 2) engage commitment and accountability for performance, and 3) establish processes and […]
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The 3rd Promise of Effective Leaders: Execution

To truly be effective as a leader requires attention and focus on key priorities. Yes, the bottom line looms large, but financial success comes from excellent completion of four key promises to stakeholders. Leaders must set the right direction for the company to take, with meaningful work, which leads to engaging everyone to be accountable […]
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The 2nd Promise of Effective Leaders:
Engagement and Accountability

What do effective leaders do? How can you become more effective in your leadership position? In Mastering Leadership, authors Robert J. Andersen and William A. Adams break leaders’ responsibilities into a set of four universal promises of leadership: Set the right direction and create meaningful work Engage all stakeholders and hold them accountable for performance […]
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4 Promises of Highly Effective Leaders

How do you define effective leaders? I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a leader effective. I suppose you could look to the success of the business; a leader could be deemed effective if the company is a success. But success relies on many things outside the control of a CEO or senior leadership […]
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Effective Leaders Manage Expectations

Can you name the most effective leaders you’ve worked for? What is it that makes a leader stand out as remarkably effective? Everyone expects great things from leaders, probably more than is humanly possible. I guess it depends on how you define effective leadership. In business, some say the most effective leaders are those who […]
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4 Effective Leadership Skills

In Strengths Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow, New York Times-bestselling author Tom Rath and leadership consultant Barry Conchie reveal the results of extensive Gallup research. Based on their analyses, three keys to effective leadership emerge: Know your strengths—and invest in others’ strengths. Hire people with the right strengths for your team. […]
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