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How Do Authentic Leaders
Convey Credibility?

I’ve been exploring how authentic leaders build authenticity by addressing five areas: self-awareness, respect, connecting, credibility and trust. How do authentic leaders come across as truly credible? For one thing, people don’t believe leaders who exhibit questionable behavior. If a leader shows flexible morality in one arena, they are not going to be perceived as […]
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Authentic Leaders Earn Trust

I’ve been exploring what it takes for leaders to become more authentic leaders. According to author Karissa Thacker in The Art of Authenticity (Wiley, 2016), becoming more authentic involves several key leadership mandates: Be self-aware Earn respect Connect with people Convey credibility Earn trust You can earn trust by practicing these four attributes: self-awareness, respect, […]
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Are You the Authentic Leader
Your People Need?

Are you really the authentic leader your people want you to be? Many leaders are unaware of how their lack of authenticity chips away at people, breeding dissatisfaction, distrust and disloyalty. Organizational effectiveness and productivity suffer when workers view leaders as inauthentic. One out of three people distrusts his or her employer, according to the […]
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3 Keys to a Persuasive Presentation

What’s needed to craft a really good persuasive presentation? Great presentations matter. Not only do they advance your career, they sell products and services, find investors, establish trust and credibility, and gain support for new ideas. Today we have easy technology to help produce professional presentations, but that’s not what matters if you want to […]
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Great Presentations that
Persuade in 20 Minutes

What is the best way to craft a great presentation? I’ve heard it said that ideas are the currency of twenty-first century business professionals. If that is so, then our business presentations must persuade action. Unfortunately, many fall short. Presentations are critical to career success, yet we too often focus on how slides look or […]
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Managing Digital Devices:
Use Smart Tech Tools

I’ve been discussing the deluge of information and our use of digital devices to help manage the flow of content in my posts here. New tech tools pop up all the time, and some help, others only distract. The Digital Revolution has exploded in the 21st century. By 2012, over 2 billion people used the […]
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Leadership Trust Buster: High Self-Orientation

How can executives improve their levels of leadership trust? I’m continuing from my previous posts on how to build up trust. Based on solid research and advice of authors David Maister, Charles Green, and Robert Galford in The Trusted Advisor, we can break trust down to four components: Credibility Reliability Intimacy Self-orientation Self-orientation is the […]
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3 Ways to Build Up Leadership Trust

How do you build leadership trust? Most of the executives I work with tell me they know trust when they see it, but not many have a clue about why trust exists, how to build it up, or what happened when trust was lost. The trust equation lays out four components of trustworthiness which makes […]
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Leadership Trust: 7 Tough Situations that Strain Trust Levels

Trust is the foundation for executive presence. Last week I shared with you a blog post about the trust equation, from the book The Trusted Advisor by Maister, Green and Galford (New York: First Touchstone, 2000.) I love this equation because it takes a concept as nebulous as trust and makes it real by attaching […]
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The Trust Factor: Can You Really Measure It?

If you’re a leader working in any organization you know how fragile trust can be, and how essential it is for getting others to fully engage to give their best work. Can you actually measure your trustworthiness? And, more important, what specific actions can you take to improve how trustworthy you are? Trust is the […]
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