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Employee Engagement:
It’s Business, and it IS Personal

When it comes to employee engagement, it is not strictly business, it’s personal. While providing resources and information enhances relationships, it takes more to strengthen them: a personal connection with people and an investment in their lives. I’ve been writing about this in recent posts. What I’ve found to be true is that the most […]
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Employee Motivation: What’s Your Score?

As a leader, how well do you score in employee motivation? Let’s face it: no matter your formal role or position in an organization, you are a motivator. Colleagues need to complete tasks, partners need to do their share, and employees need to become self-sufficient and responsible. 
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Authentic Leaders Earn Trust

I’ve been exploring what it takes for leaders to become more authentic leaders. According to author Karissa Thacker in The Art of Authenticity (Wiley, 2016), becoming more authentic involves several key leadership mandates: Be self-aware Earn respect Connect with people Convey credibility Earn trust You can earn trust by practicing these four attributes: self-awareness, respect, […]
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How Do Authentic Leaders
Convey Credibility?

I’ve been exploring how authentic leaders build authenticity by addressing five areas: self-awareness, respect, connecting, credibility and trust. How do authentic leaders come across as truly credible? For one thing, people don’t believe leaders who exhibit questionable behavior. If a leader shows flexible morality in one arena, they are not going to be perceived as […]
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Leading with Trust: 5 Skills to Master

I’ve been thinking a lot about leading with trust, how important it is to leadership, and how it’s probably the one factor you can’t ignore if you want to improve as an effective leader. Trust isn’t something you can just leave to fate, assuming because you’re a trustworthy person, it will naturally show up. Anyone […]
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Leadership Presence: Make an Emotional Impact

If you’re thinking about how you can improve your leadership presence (including how well you’re perceived as a candidate for promotion), pay attention to your next presentation. You may need more than a good speech. You’ll need to make an emotional impact through voice and body language. It’s nothing new: the most important factor in […]
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Conversational Intelligence: Is There Such a Thing?

Is there such a thing as conversational intelligence? It could be that some leaders are naturally more adept at the art of conversation. It’s certainly true that we all could improve our ability to engage and influence others through conversations. “Human beings are the most highly social species on this planet. When we succeed in […]
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Positive Leadership in Action: How to Deliver Results

When leaders put more positive leadership in action, they get better results. Positive leadership isn’t just an exercise in feeling good. It’s about results. The best intentions don’t count unless you put principles into action. To reap the full benefits of positive leadership, you have to continually practice action steps. When some of the executives […]
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Customers “Like” Social Marketing

Most CEOs hope a stronger focus on customers will protect them from eroding profit margins and commoditization. When companies concentrate on customer relationships, they usually devote most of their  attention to CRM technology that monitors customer satisfaction. But getting closer to customers is not a matter of installing better CRM systems or simply measuring satisfaction […]
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Clear Communications: Make Your Point

Every one’s pressed for time, yet some things can’t be rushed. Like good communications and conversations at work. Yet so many of us ramble. The key is in knowing which communications are 30 second microwave jobs, and which are best slow-cooked in a crock pot. Some people take control of conversations in a good way. […]
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