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How Leaders with Big Ego Are Less Effective

For any leader, the risks of big ego are magnified. An inflated perception of oneself distorts reality, both inwardly and outwardly. Author Ryan Holiday, in his book, Ego Is the Enemy (Penguin, 2016), explores what drives this behavior: Egotists regard themselves as superior, set apart from everyone else. They are entitled and important simply because […]
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The Risks of Working for a
Leader with Big Ego

If you’ve ever worked for someone with a big ego, then you know how frustrating it can be. Nothing can be more debilitating in an organization. Leaders with out-of-control egos are responsible for huge losses in productivity and profits. “Ego is the invisible line item on every company’s profit and loss statement.”—David Marcum and Steven […]
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10 Signs You Have a Big Ego

Have you ever tried to calculate the cost of big egos in your organization? Right. Difficult to do, but there’s no denying that leaders who are driven by their big egos, greed, and thirst for power often make costly decisions corporations have to pay for. Fifty-three percent of businesspeople estimate ego costs their company 6 […]
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When Healthy Ambition Morphs Into a Big Ego

“In over two-thirds of comparison cases (average/good companies), we noted the presence of a gargantuan personal ego that contributed to the demise or continued mediocrity of the company.” — Jim Collins, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t, 2001 Why do people cling so tightly to their egos? I guess I […]
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Four Signs of a Big Ego

Your coworkers and team members are usually aware, much earlier than you’ll ever figure out, that your ego has become overinflated. If you’ve developed some good relationships with trusted colleagues, they’ll let you know. But how can you keep tabs on yourself, before it becomes obvious that you’re crossing the line into overinflated ego? Here […]
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4 Signs Your Ego Is Too Big

It’s inevitable: when you get good at something, you do more of it. When you’re recognized for your strengths, you try to emphasize them. The problems arise when a strength evolves into a liability. Consider this example: Optimism is a preferred trait in leaders. The optimistic leader: Isn’t frozen by reality, even when it’s negative […]
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Leadership Ego: The Costs of Big Ambition

“Ego is the invisible line item on every company’s profit and loss statement.” — David Marcum and Steven Smith in egonomics: What Makes Ego Our Greatest Asset (or Most Expensive Liability), Fireside, 2007 There’s a big difference between “big ego” and healthy ambition. Many of the executives I work with have all  started their careers […]
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Egotistic Leaders: 4 Steps to Tame the Beast

  Egotistic leaders: it seems they’re everywhere. At least, it seems so, if you watch the news or have been reading my recent posts on working for a leader with a big ego.
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Countering Egotistic Leadership:
Taking Ground Back

Egotistic leadership can be countered. But it takes a deliberate effort on the part of leaders to refocus and see things from a wider view. Trained coaches are an excellent resource to guide leaders to a helpful perspective. In some cases, a leader can only make progress on becoming less egotistical through working with an experienced […]
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Here’s Why Egotistic Leadership Doesn’t Work

Egotistic leadership not only affects people, but the whole organization suffers. Because of the egotist leader’s disinterest in other viewpoints, they cannot work constructively with those who disagree. They won’t accept or learn from feedback, and it doesn’t take long for feedback to be stifled altogether. A distorted take on reality leads to the egotist’s […]
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