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Create a Culture of Trust:
The Power of Accountability

It may seem near impossible to create a culture of trust when organizational morale and engagement are lowered by people who can’t be counted on. They flame resentments and dissatisfaction throughout the organization. But can holding people personally accountable promote positivity, unity and build trust? There is a paradoxical truth in the power of accountability.
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When Teams Lack Accountability

Accountability is a term that gets overused in the workplace and thus loses some of its power. Here’s a good definition from Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Jossey-Bass, 2002). “When it comes to teamwork, I define accountability as the willingness of team members to remind one another when they are not living […]
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The 2nd Promise of Effective Leaders:
Engagement and Accountability

What do effective leaders do? How can you become more effective in your leadership position? In Mastering Leadership, authors Robert J. Andersen and William A. Adams break leaders’ responsibilities into a set of four universal promises of leadership: Set the right direction and create meaningful work Engage all stakeholders and hold them accountable for performance […]
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Effective Teams: High Accountability & Meaningful Metrics

I’ve been exploring what makes a team effective or not. I’ve noticed in some organizations where I coach, some teams work really well together and some don’t. What makes a real difference in teams? Effective Teams Have High Trust and Engagement Effective TEAMS Work Well with Thematic Goals What Makes a Great Team? Is Your […]
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Team Accountability and Feedback

How can leaders encourage team accountability? Most management systems are so focused on individual performance that they undermine the very teamwork they hope to encourage. In my opinion, based on working with teams, there’s not nearly enough emphasis on team behaviors, goals and success. If leaders want to see teams succeed, there must be team […]
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3 Levels of Accountability in Work and Life

Every day, three levels of responsibility and accountability come into play: personal, interpersonal and organizational. Leadership consultants John Blakey and Ian Day offer the following pyramid in Challenging Coaching: Going Beyond Traditional Coaching to Face the FACTS (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2012): Level 1 accountability focuses on personal actions, learning and engagement. How do you hold […]
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Leadership Accountability, Transparency and Engagement

Let me ask you this: In your organization, is there true leadership accountability? Are leaders as transparent as possible and do they engage people to do their best work? Before you decide that accountability is “nothing new” and that in your organization, you already have accountability systems in place, take this opportunity to determine whether […]
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Leadership Accountability in the Era of YouTube

Is leadership accountability becoming even more important in 21st Century business? In an age of ubiquitous social media and cell-phone videos, Big Brother’s watchful eyes seem to loom large. Do we hold leaders accountable for their organizations’ impact, quality of services and products more so now because of social media technology? Rudeness, politically incorrect slips […]
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Attention + Accountability: Putting a Success Plan into Action

In my recent blog posts, we’ve been talking a lot about success concepts:  Clarity, Intention, Attention and Focus. These four elements are covered in detail by my co-authors and I in our book, “Do Eagles Just Wing It?” If you’ve been following me, you’ve done a lot of conceptual work. A lot of thinking and […]
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Accountability: 4 Clear Steps for Changing Culture

I believe that accountability is the single biggest issue confronting organizations today, especially for those engaged in big change initiatives. When you build a culture of accountability, you have people who can and will achieve game-changing results. I’m reading a book right now that stresses the importance of a culture of accountability: Change the Culture, […]
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