Expand Your Leadership Vision


Is your leadership vision alive and thriving? Is it expanding?

I’ve been writing about this in recent posts. An active and meaningful vision is initiated by the top leader with intentionality, diligence and effort. It is easy to understand, solves a problem and is communicated to all stake holders. A vision thrives only when everyone believes it and collectively promotes it. The leader can not be its only curator, every employee must become its ambassador and pass along a passion for the vision.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. ~ Warren Bennis

Make sure your people are “all in,” compelled to nobly promote the cause in lieu of focusing on self-interest. When your character reflects a concern for others over yourself, your vision writes a more compelling story that people trust, believe and adopt. As I discuss with my coaching clients, make sure you are walking the talk. Enthusiastic followers are voluntary promoters, often without realizing it.

Your vision also multiplies when you reward compliance. Lead by example so your behaviors, attitudes and performance are contagious. Celebrate achievements that reinforce the vision, as Andy Stanley suggests in Making Vision Stick (Zondervan, 2007). Publicly recognize people when their accomplishments steer the organization closer to your vision’s reality.

Let people know that you expect them to make the vision their central focus. When each person is commissioned to fulfill the vision through clearly stated policies and practices, the seeds produce a bigger harvest. Use performance assessments to review people’s support for the vision in their work.

There’s no need for one’s vision to stall or die out. When you keep it fresh and alive, you can steer your organization toward accomplishing every goal.

What do you think? How are you expanding your vision? I’d love to hear from you. You can call me at 704-827-4474; let’s talk. And as always, I can be reached here or on LinkedIn.

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