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Expand Your Leadership Vision

Is your leadership vision alive and thriving? Is it expanding? I’ve been writing about this in recent posts. An active and meaningful vision is initiated by the top leader with intentionality, diligence and effort. It is easy to understand, solves a problem and is communicated to all stake holders. A vision thrives only when everyone believes it […]
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Nurture Your Leadership Vision

Keeping your leadership vision active and powerful takes effort, diligence, intentionality and desire; it takes nurturing. With daily distractions, challenges and opportunities that impact staff, a casual approach is inadequate. Start by getting your leadership circle on board.
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How Your Leadership Vision Takes Root

Has your leadership vision taken root? I’ve met some pretty impressive leaders who have one thing in common: a strong vision. They understand the importance to properly establish an organization’s vision, and ensure that everyone within the organization understand it.
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How Leadership Vision Fades

We are in the midst of great social, economic, scientific and political change. Leadership vision is needed, and wanted, more than ever. A leader’s vision sets the tone for how an organization operates—its plans, decisions, responses and attitudes. In the early stages of vision-setting, guiding principles rule the day.
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Is Your Leadership Vision Alive and Thriving?

Is your leadership vision alive and thriving? I love to see business leaders embark on their role with great enthusiasm and expectations. They set out to make a difference and craft a success story. Fueled by their freedom to create, leaders draft mission and vision statements to frame their organization’s purpose. Their mission statements define their […]
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Born to Lead:
The Makings of a Great Leader

Do you have the makings of a great leader? The greatest leaders are those who have both innate leadership abilities, and developed abilities. A number of key leadership skills are learned or developed through experience, training or coaching. This is promising for many leaders who want to improve beyond their natural abilities and current skill […]
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